11 Trending Youtube Marketing Ideas for 2023

YouTube has still retained its long-held title of being the second most visited website on the internet, following in the footsteps of its parent company Google.

694,000 hours of video per minute videos are watched on YouTube, which is much higher than the time spent on Netflix.

Mobile users are viewing 4.63 pages per visit using the YouTube app compared to just 2.84 pages per desktop. Every week, 92% of users watch online videos of some kind.

After considering the above stats and facts, YouTube certainly dominates the video streaming space. It’s an effective marketing tool which is used by almost every industry to promote business or service.

Here we will learn some fundamental and imperative YouTube marketing techniques that will help you attract more leads, increase the organic traffic on your website, and eventually grow your sales and ROI

11 YouTube Marketing Tips for 2023

Here are some of the highly trending YouTube marketing strategies which can be utilized in 2023:

1. Assess The Needs Of Your Audience

This is the first step, which will help you analyze who to make the video and what to include in your videos.

You must study data and monitor YouTube analytics to estimate what kind of audience you should frame a video for and their pain areas or preferences.

Make sure your video-making strategy revolves around the demands of the people and trends that are viral on YouTube

2. Analyze The Type Of Video You Want To Make

Now that you know who your audience is and what they expect from your brand, you must consider the kind of video you want to create and upload. Here are some ideas:

  • You can create YouTube videos in the form of live streams to interact with your audience one-to-one
  • You can make product/service-related videos like unboxing videos, QnA about product usage, product explainers, FAQs on the technicality of a product, etc., to highlight what you are selling
  • Tell your audience about your company, brand, employees, and leadership through videos. Make a behind-the-scenes video or a direct interaction with the management and circulate it on YouTube.
  • Make videos on consumer reviews and testimonials and share their wonderful experiences online with your target audience.
  • You should know the best time of day for your audience to be online so you can post your videos regularly and consistently without long breaks.

3. Get Inspired By Existing YouTube Champions

There is no harm in taking inspiration or learning from successful YouTubers who are following the right strategies to get there.

It is not about copying their style, trend, or content but giving a new outlook to the same message, which could be more enterprising and entertaining for your target audience.

Just follow trends, study the channels of top performers and YouTube and see what they offer that gets them to the top of rankings and create youtube videos accordingly.

4. Analyze Your Competitors

A simple trick to growing faster on YouTube is to find out what your competitors are doing. You must check out the kind of videos they are uploading, their upload frequency, audience feedback, and video quality.

The idea is not to replicate or get inspired by your competitors’ actions but to analyze what they are missing out on. Your audience will quickly switch platforms when they find out that you have something new and unique to offer them.

So, assess the gap and bridge it with the help of an online youtube video editor, where you can edit your videos accordingly and draw your target audience to your own videos.

5. Don’t Miss Out On SEO Optimization

It is very important to rank your website high on SERPs. The purpose is to outshine your competitors and be available as one of the top options when your audience is searching for related keywords.

Optimize your videos to get your websites to rank better!

  • Do your keyword research intensively – identify the words/phrases people are searching for the most.
  • Add keywords to titles, video descriptions, and video tags.
  • Use timestamps and subtitles to help your users
  • Add effective CTA and update your video descriptions with links to your website, links to other social accounts, products/services, etc.
  • Create Attractive Thumbnails, as they play an important role in attracting users to your videos

6. Edit Your Videos Professionally

Posting properly edited videos on YouTube will get you the response you are looking for.

There are many online video editors that allow you to edit your YouTube videos directly on the web. With the use of an online YouTube video editor you can easily edit your videos. These editors usually offer a range of features to help you create professional-quality videos.

  • Trimming and cutting: You can use these tools to remove unwanted sections of your video and rearrange the order of your clips.
  • Splitting and merging: You can split a long video into shorter segments, or merge multiple shorter videos into a single longer one.
  • Adding transitions: You can add smooth transitions between your video clips to make your video look more polished and professional.
  • Adding text and captions: You can add text overlays to your video to provide additional information or to highlight important points.
  • Adding music and sound effects: Many online video editors allow you to add music or sound effects to your video to enhance its overall impact.
  • Adjusting the audio: You can adjust the volume of your audio tracks, as well as apply effects such as fade in/out or echo.
  • Applying filters and effects: You can add filters and effects to your video to give it a unique look and feel.
  • Exporting and sharing: Most online video editors allow you to export your edited video in a variety of formats, so you can easily share it on YouTube or other social media platforms.

7. Use YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts are a massive hit, with over 30 billion views per month. Inaugurated in September 2020, YouTube shorts compete with Instagram Reels and TikTok and features short videos ranging between 15 seconds to 1 minute.

YouTube shorts are used by marketers and users to reach a wider audience. The best feature about uploading your short brand videos on YouTube shorts is that they remain forever, whereas your Reels get deleted after 24 hours by default.

8. Expand Your Reach With YouTube Ads

YouTube lets you choose the types of ads and charges accordingly. 70% of YouTube viewers have seen an ad and bought something.

As a business, you must invest in YouTube ads that can help visitors learn about your niche. Some of the popular YouTube ad options are:

  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Video Discovery Ads
  • Non-video ads which are displayed as posters or overlays

9. Use Influencer Marketing On YouTube

Influencers are YouTubers with large subscriber bases. Influencer marketing is when you collaborate with influencers who can promote your products and services to their subscribers through their channels and videos.

Influencer marketing is a great marketing option, especially if their intent matches your brand and values. It is easier for your target audience to relate to a celebrity or an influencer and believe them when they are promoting your services

10. Go Omnichannel

You don’t have to stick to YouTube videos when you can post videos on any channel and grab your audience’s attention in multiple digital marketing arenas.

Easily publish your YouTube videos to your website, blog content, email campaigns, messenger chats, and social media channels.

Add YouTube videos to your SlideShare presentations, embed them in Facebook and Instagram stories, and upload reels, feeds, and IGTV.

11. Analyze And Improvise

It is extremely important to test, analyze, and improvise. YouTube analytics offers various performance measuring techniques that can help you with stats on what kind of content is working for your business and what is not.

This is an integral part of your marketing strategy, using which you can monitor your channel’s performance and the demands or expectations of your audience.

You can know your top videos for a specific period, channel/video impressions, CTR, etc.


YouTube marketing, today, is used in every industry and by almost every business that is into digital marketing strategies.

The power of video marketing, using YouTube, cannot be ignored by modern businesses.

It is an extremely essential tool that optimizes your website on Google and other search engines, increases the number of leads, and enhances the chances of maximum conversions.

So, apply all the above YouTube marketing strategies and see the change in your sales and ROI in 2023

How To Get Longer Watch Times On Your YouTube Videos

Are viewers watching your videos all the way through?

In the video below I show 5 things you can do right now
to get longer watch times on your YouTube videos

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Did you know that watch time is the highest ranking factor on YouTube? The longer a person watches your video the better it will perform in the search engines.

YouTube says “If viewers are watching more YouTube it signals to us that they’re happier with the content. They’ve found it means that creators are attracting more engaged audiences. It also opens up more opportunities to generate revenue for our partners.

If viewers stop watching your video at the beginning or in the middle of your video and leave then your videos are not going to rank well on YouTube or Google. If your videos don’t rank well, then people are not going to discover them when they enter the keyword in the search engines.

Here are 5 ways to improve the watch time of your YouTube videos

1. Create valuable content
Create content you’re passionate about and solves one of the BIGGEST problems of your viewers. Once you’ve identified the problem plan out your content so it flows logically as your video proceeds.

2. Script your video content
This can be as simple as writing out a few bullet points so you stay on track with your line of thinking plus you lead your viewer through your content naturally. I typically create a list of all the main points that I wish to cover in my video content then expand upon them as I’m filming my video.

3. Structure your video correctly

Tell people what to expect right from the beginning of your video instead of leading with your logo animation which nobody really cares about tell people what to expect right from the beginning.

For example I introduced the video above by saying “I’ll show you the 5 things you can do right now to get longer watch times on your YouTube videos.

Only after you’ve introduced your video content should you introduce yourself and ask people to subscribe. Try to keep it real short so you don’t lose the attention of your viewers. If you can keep the attention of your viewers in the first 15 seconds of your video they’ll probably keep watching the entire video.

Deliver the content that you promised in the intro of your video instead of just talking all the way through your video and risk losing the attention of your viewers. Try to reset the attention of your viewers by including graphics end cards, zooming in on the subject, using b-roll, video clips etc.

Remove content that is not relevant to the topic that you’re speaking about. Also remove any ums and ahhs or mistakes that you’ve made
while producing a video.


  • What action do you want your viewer to take while watching your video?
  • Do you want them to subscribe, watch another video or opt into your lead magnet?
  • Don’t give too many calls to action because that will result in indecision and them not doing anything.
  • Use cards and end screens for your calls to actions because these are also mobile friendly

4. Lighting and Sound

A poorly lit person will decrease the quality of your video. If you can’t afford or don’t have the space to set up light boxes, do your filming outside or in front of a window. I use 3 softboxes to light up the background and myself while filming videos.

For two years I used a $20.00 lapel microphone and thought the sound was fine. When I purchased and started using the Rode
Smartlav+ microphone my sound vastly improved.

5. Keep improving
Keep an eye on your retention graph in YouTube Anaytics to see if you you are keeping the attention of your audience. If relative audience retention is above 50% it means your video has a better audience retention rate than all other videos on YouTube that have the same length,

Keep trying different things with your videos to see if there’s an improvement in your audience retention rate. Sometimes one small adjustment will expand your audience.

Let me ask you an important question…
What are you currently doing to get longer watch times on your YouTube videos?
Post your answer in the comments below I’d love to read them and others would too.

If you want to learn how to grow your audience on YouTube and
generate views and subscribers on autopilot check out my
YouTube Markting Course at: TubeVideoBootCamp.com

How To Correctly Tag Videos On YouTube To Get More Views

If you want YouTube videos to rank well in the search results you need to optimize your tags with the right keywords. Properly optimized tags will get you get more views because your videos will appear in the search results as well as recommended and suggested videos.

Here’s how to correctly tag your YouTube
Videos so you can get more views:

Watch the video below

1. Place your main keyword at the beginning of your tags.
So if your main keyword was “dog training” enter it as your first tag. Your main keyword should also be included in the title and description because these are even more important than your tags.

2. Include secondary keyword phrases
These can be suggested keywords which you can find using YouTube’s auto suggestion feature. Just enter your main keyword in the search box and YouTube will show you suggested keyword phrases. Alternatively you can use ubersuggest to find related keyword phrases.

Place your most popular keywords at the beginning of
your tags followed by less popular keywords.

3. Use the chrome extension vidIQ to find tags
that you never thought of.

This extension will find the hidden keywords that your competitors are using for which you can add to your own tags.

4. Include your channel name.
If you add your channel name to your keyword tags then people will see
related videos from your channel on the right side of your video.

Keep these 3 important things in mind:

1. Don’t overthink the tagging of your videos
Even though tags will help your videos get found on YouTube and Google,
optimizing your title and description are even more important.

2. Watch time is the highest determining factor for your rankings.
Make sure you deliver great content in your videos so people
will want to watch the video all the way through.

3. Create an eye-catching thumbnail.
Create a custom thumbnail that grabs the attention of your viewers that are scanning the search results. They’ll be more inclined to click on your thumbnail if it stands out amongst all the other listings.

That’s it!
Now you know how to correctly tag your YouTube Videos
so you can get more views.

Download my video upload checklist at: http://www.drostdesigns.com/video-optimization-checklist. You’ll learn the 10 things that you need to do before going live with your video on YouTube.

Thrive Headline Optimizer Case Study And Demo – How To Automatically Test 2 Different Blog Post Headlines

So after you’ve installed and activated the plugin you can go to your WordPress dashboard to view your headline stats or test different headlines for a new blog post.

Click on thrive dashboard and you’ll see the icon of the thrive headline optimizer. If I want to view the stats of my case study I can go to my post and here’s the post that I did. So if I click “edit” then I ca easily see the engagement rate of both my headlines..”thrive headline optimizer review” 42.86%.

And my other headline “get more attention, more clicks,
more comments on autopilot” got 45%.

And here I’ve also got the reports.
I’ve got views 27
Engagements 12
Engagement rate 44.44%

I can also get more details by clicking on “details” and I can see the number of clicks, scrolls, and time on the site and engagement rate.

I can also get reports..you see the graph of the report there
I can also look at my test
Here are the 2 headlines that I tested for this post…
I can also view these stats in my thrive dashboard.

So go to thrive dashboard
Click on the thrive headline optimizer
It shows the number of views, engagements. and engagement rate.

Here are my 2 headlines, date that it started, number of views,
number of engagements and the engagement rate.

If I want to test any of my headlines of all my posts I can just click “add new.”

So here are all the headlines of all my blog posts so I can add all of them which would be 1123 or I can just add 1. So I just click on the first one and that will be added to my test.

If I go to settings I can see the content engagement settings so I can turn this on or off. It says…”When this is enabled we will track the number
of views and clicks that this headline gets on this site

Scrolling signal..it can be on or off…”Count visitors as engaged
when they scroll 30% down the page

Time on the content signal..”count visitors as engaged
when their visit duration is 78 seconds or longer.”

To test your headlines just go to your posts.
I’ve got a draft here..so I just click on “edit’

And here is my first headline and here is my second headline
that I wish to test against the first one.

So if I want to add a new one I just click “Add new headline”
and then I just put in my new headline.

Then after I’ve published the post and get some traffic it will
automatically find the winner out of these 2 headlines.

Get the thrive headline optimizer NOW at: http://www.drostdesigns.com/go/headline-optimizer
You’ll get more attention, more clicks
and more comments on autopilot

Thrive Headline Optimizer Review – Get More Attention, More Clicks And More Comments On Autopilot

Good headlines get attention.
Good headlines get clicks.

Headlines determine the success or failure of your
content more than any other factor.

The Thrive headline optimizer is the most effective, most statistically robust WordPress plugin. It allows you to test your headlines like the most successful websites do on your very own website.

Watch the video review below…

Here are the 3 critical engagement factors:
1. Click Through Rate
2. Time on content
3. Scrolling

With the thrive headline optimizer you’ll discover which headlines are best at doing what headlines are supposed to do…get your visitor’s attention and get them to keep reading your content.

In addition, the tests are also tracking click-throughs on your blog page, your recent posts widgets and anywhere else where you have posts listed.

How easy is it to use?
Step 1:
Write The Headlines. Write as many headlines as you possibly can think of.
Step 2:
You’re Done!

Start your tests and the thrive headline optimizer takes care of the rest. The plugin automatically starts to display the winning headline to your visitors.

Use these powerful features to find your winning headlines:
1. Quick and easy A/B title testing
2. Bulk testing
3. Detailed A/B testing metrics
4. Engagement reports
5. Set it and forget it
6. Easy as pie
7. Get detailed reports
8. Woo commerce compatible

You get a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. This will allow you to easily test headlines and automatically choose the winners to create more content engagement.

Here’s what you get with the purchase of thrive headline optimizer…
1. You get the plugin
2. Quick start video tutorials
3. Advanced tips, tricks and training
4. New features and guides
5. Exclusive bonus content
6. Fast, friendly support

Here are some frequently asked questions:
Q: Who is the thrive headline optimizer made for? Do you need it?
A: If you sell products on your website or if you have a business model
that relies on getting traffic.

Q. Do I need WordPress to use thrive headline optimizer?
A: Yes, the thrive headline optimizer is a wordpress plugin.

Q: Can I upgrade my license at a later date?
A: You can upgrade from a single license to an unlimited
personal site license any time.

Q: How is thrive headline optimizer different from other headline plugins?
A: The main difference lies in where the plugin focuses and what it promises to deliver.
The thrive headline optimizer gathers data from the users site. This is a far more useful judge of a successful headline compared to other headline plugins and will result in more engagement on the content you use the plugin on.

Q. Is this plugin beginner friendly or is it complicated to use?
A: You can easily set up one or multiple headline tests. No technical skills or design skills are required at any point.

Q: What happens if I need support after more than one year?
A: With your purchase you get one full year of free technical
support from the helpful support team.

Q: Will thrive headline optimizer slow down my site?
A: No. Thrive headline optimizer is programmed to be as clean and lean as
possible so that you don’t negatively impact your site’s loading times.

Q: Do you offer any training on how to use the plugin?
A: Yes, through the plugins interface, you’ll find tutorial videos that
explain exactly what you’re seeing ad how to use it.

Get the thrive headline optimizer NOW at: http://www.drostdesigns.com/go/headline-optimizer
You’ll get more attention, more clicks and more comments on autopilot

Common Internet Marketing Mistakes Made By Small Business Owners

Being a small business owner means that you will have to learn how to be good at managing every facet of your business. Many new small business owners have a hard time deciding which tasks that they can handle themselves and which ones they need to let a professional handle. One of the most important parts of your business is the internet marketing that you do and this marketing needs to be done by a professional. By hiring professionals to provide SEO friendly website design , tips‏ you will be able to avoid common mistakes. The following are a few of the most common mistakes made by a small business owner in regards to their internet marketing.

Post once and forget it

Among the biggest mistakes that is made by a small business owner in regards to their internet marketing is their lack of motivation to post regularly on social media. The last thing that a small business owner wants to do is to post one time on social media and then forget about it. This will do them no good and will show the public that you are not interested in going that extra mile in order to keep them informed.

Lack of Informative Content

Another common mistake that is made by a small business owner is a lack of relevant and quality content on their website. You want to make sure that you are providing your customers with informative content that is relative to the industry that you are in. You want to show them that you are both educated and knowledgeable in your industry because this will only help to reinforce your brand. The more you can teach your audience, the better off you will be in the long run when it comes to keeping them interested.

No Keywords Used

Yet another mistake that is commonly made by a small business owner is a lack of keywords in their content. The only way that the major search engines will be able to find you is by looking for keyword rich content. By not putting relevant keywords in the content that you have, you will be missing the boat when it comes to getting the attention that you want from the search engines. This will lead to a decline in the traffic that you have to your website.

The help that a professional will be able to provide can take a business’s marketing efforts to the next level. Researching the marketers in an area is the only way to make the right decision.

Profit Canvas Review | All-In-One Web-Based Page Creator Builds Pages Anywhere At Anytime

Let me ask you a question…do you want to quickly and easily build web pages without installing WordPress or paying high priced monthly fees (e.g. Lead Pages, Click Funnels)?

Well, now you can with Profit Canvas Software because it’s web-based and after you’ve built your pages you can host them for free on their servers.

Here’s a quick demonstration of how Profit Canvas
will help your business…

Here’s the demo page I created with the software

Here are some of the top benefits
1. Saves time
You can build a nice looking landing page, squeeze page or opt-in page within 30 minutes. Compare this to installing WordPress with it’s 100s of files, plugins and constant security issues (because its used my millions).

2. Ease of use
To build a beautiful page you just have to drag and drop the elements on the page. You can also move any of the elements on the page by just dragging them to their correct position.

3. Create professional-looking pages
You have 75 ready-to-go templates to choose from and you can easily modify them to suit your business. The built-in dashboard enables you to easily add buttons, widgets, text, images, paypal buttons, clip art, videos, opt-in forms, etc.

4. Multiple ways to host your pages
After you’ve finished creating your page you can use the URL the software to host unlimited pages for free on their servers. A second option is to copy the iframe code and insert it into a blank page. The third option is to download the zipped files and upload them to your own server using your own domain.

Here’s what’s included with Profit Canvas…
(The page builder is only one small component)

* Add lower third call-to-actions on any video
* Redirect any video to where ever you want
* Add an opt-in form to any video
* Add A PayPal / JVZoo Buy button within any video
* Include a countdown timer within any video.
* Create live webinar pages (integrates with Google Hangouts)
* Add beautiful pop-ups to any website
* Step-by-step video training (40 video tutorials)
* Unlimited resell rights to 4 great products
* Free Lifetime Hosting of your pages

Who is it for?

  • Internet Marketers
  • Website Designers
  • Product Creators
  • Anyone who wants to start a business from scratch
  • Local Marketers who need to advertise their business
  • Mobile Marketers who want to build mobile friendly pages
    for their customers

Here’s a price comparison of the 3 most popular web page builders


click funnels pricing


lead pages pricing


optimize press pricing

Click here to get Profit Canvas Now at:

Here are 7 ways I’m using Profit Canvas right now
1. Testing different opt-in squeeze pages
2. Create landing pages for YouTube Video Ads
3. Create quick review pages to promote affiliate products
4. Create bonus pages for promoting affiliate offers
5. Adding pop-up buttons and opt-in forms on my videos
6. Using the free software products to build my list of subscribers
7. Accessing the video tutorials when I need to brush up my marketing

Here are a couple of limitations I found when using the software..
1. If I make a mistake (ie spelling) I’m unable to revert back to the original text.
2. Unable to clone text or images I want to reuse on the same page.

My Recommendation
I’ve been a professional web designer since 2000 when I coded web pages manually. It took many hours to create a simple page. Later on I started using Front Page then Dreamweaver design software for creating websites for local businesses. Now I primarily use WordPress to create full scale websites and use Profit Canvas for building landing pages, squeeze pages, bonus pages, etc.

The beauty of Profit Canvas is you’ve got all the tools you need to run a business online such as creating and marketing a profitable product.

Click here to get Profit Canvas Now at:

How To Add A Lightbox Video Gallery To WordPress

So I spent hours trying to find a WordPress Plugin that would display my YouTube videos as a gallery on my web page. Most of the free ones added a watermark plus had limited features. Finally I came across a great plugin called Huge-IT Video Gallery.

Here are the 5 options of the HugeIT Video Gallery Plugin:

content-pop-up1. Content Pop-up
If you click on any of the videos in the gallery it will show a video with the content next to it.

2. Content Video Slider
If you click on the arrow at the bottom of each slide it will show the next video.
content video slider

lightbox video gallery3. Lightbox Video Gallery
If you click on any one of the videos in the gallery a lightbox will pop-up and if you go to the bottom here you can just scroll through the different videos in the gallery.

video slider4. Video Slider
If you click on the arrow at the bottom of the video it show the next video.

lightbox video gallery5. Thumbnail Gallery
So if you click on any of the thumbnail images then a lightbox pops up and you can scroll through them by clicking the arrow at the bottom.

Here are the steps to create a Lightbox Video Gallery on WordPress

Watch the video below…

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • Go down to plugins
  • Click add new
  • In the search box search Huge-It Video Gallery
  • Click install now and it will display “video gallery” in the dashboard
  • Click video gallery
  • Click “add new video gallery”
  • Select from the different options ie Thumbnails view, Lightbox Video Gallery, Video Slider, content video slider and video gallery content pop-up.
  • Select “lightbox video gallery”
  • Start adding videos…so just click “Add Video”
  • Go to your YouTube channel and select a video
  • Highlight the URL then copy and paste it into top and bottom fields
  • Add the title and description of your video
  • Click insert video slide
  • Continue adding more videos until you’ve created your gallery
  • After you’ve added the videos select the option “lightbox video gallery”
  • Click “save” to save the gallery you’ve created
  • Highlight the short code then copy it (ctrl+c)
  • Go to my pages, all pages, sample page, edit
  • Copy and paste the short code into the page
  • Make sure you’re in in text mode not visual mode
  • Click update or publish
  • Click view page to view the lightbox video gallery
  • If you click on any one of the videos a lightbox will pop-up
  • You can scroll through all the videos by clicking the arrow down at the bottom of the video

That’s it!
Now you know how to Add A Lightbox Video Gallery On WordPress. I just demonstrated the free version however the paid option has many more features.

Click the link below to get the Huge-It Video Gallery Plugin NOW!

Top 15 YouTube Ranking Factors That Generate More Traffic, Leads and Sales

Videos that appear on the first page of Google and YouTube receive a ton more traffic than if they are on page 2 and beyond. More traffic means you’ll get more leads and more leads results in more sales.

Here are the Top 15 ranking factors for YouTube videos:
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Web Design Trends for 2014 – Top 12

website design

  • Does your current website need to a redesign?
  • Do your web pages display correctly across all devices including mobile phones?
  • Are you using multimedia to increase users engagement with your content?

Web Design has changed dramatically since I began designing websites professionally in 2000. Back then I primarily coded every page manually in html and didn’t have to worry if it could be viewed correctly on mobile devices.

Nowadays, I design most of my websites using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress which utilizes responsive design (adjusts to any screen size)and can be easily updated from a backend administration panel.

Here are the Top 12 web design trends for 2014
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