Build Your List With Video Marketing

Most people grow up watching TV and/or playing video games so they are very familiar consuming content this way. Many Internet users prefer to watch and listen to content rather than reading it because it is more engaging. Videos enable you to convey a personal message (e.g. talking head video) or create a professional slide show presentation. Video marketing is one of the most effective methods to build your list.

How to use video marketing to build your list

1. Create a video clip

Use a video or digital camera to create your video clip. If it’s a talking head video (you talking into the camera) make the length no more than one or 2 minutes otherwise you’ll lose the attention of your viewers. Slide show presentations can be longer. Create your video slide show using Microsoft PowerPoint or OpenOffice (free download) then record your computer screen using Camtasia Studio. Save your video clip as an MP4, AVI or WMV file.

2. Include a call to action

To redirect visitors to the opt in form on your web page include a call to action at the end of your video. For instance you could say something like, “for more information please go to….” then include your full website address. To motivate viewers to visit your web page offer them an incentive such as a free report.

3. Distribute your video

Use TubeMogul or PixelPipe to distribute your video to multiple video sharing websites. Instead of receiving a trickle of traffic by uploading your video to YouTube generate a flood of traffic and back links by submitting it to multiple sites. You’ll first need to create accounts at the different sites before using one of these video distribution channels.

4. Optimize your video

Most video sharing sites allow you to insert meta-tags. These tags give the title and description of your video. Make sure you include your main keywords in these tags so people can find your video in the search engines. YouTube allows you to place a live link in the title meta-tag so be sure to include the full web address of your opt in landing page.

5. Announce your video

Add your new video to your Blog, Website and Facebook and announce it to your Twitter followers and newsletter subscribers to generate more traffic to your list building page. When writing a blog post about your video be sure to include your main keywords in the title and content of your post (as well as the video) so search engines will find your video.

Video marketing is a very fast and effective method for generating back links, high page rankings and attracting lots of visitors to your list building page. Make a commitment to create at least one video each week and watch your list grow.

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