SEO Copywriting – How Google’s Algorithim Updates Changed SEO Copywriting Forever

copywriting course
Ever since I’ve been online (as far back as 1997) I was taught to insert keywords whereever possible in your content. This included placing keyword phrases one or more times in titles, subtitles, file names, tags, links, etc. This was the common way of thinking for a decade or longer. As a result your content received high rankings rather quickly.

Why the old method of SEO copywriting no longer works
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Online Copywriting Course Review

copywriting course

  • Is your website getting lots of traffic but not generating sales?
  • Do you want to convert more visitors into paying customers?
  • Do you want to improve your web copy but can’t afford a copywriter?

One of the biggest problems website owners make is that they primarily focus on driving traffic to their websites thinking that the more traffic they receive the more sales they will make. This is like throwing mud against the wall hoping it will stick. It reminds me of those email marketers that send millions of spam emails knowing they’ll make a few sales using this method.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from marketing websites since the year 2000, is that it takes far more effort to build traffic to your website than creating a web page designed to effectively convert the visitors you already have. Sending people to a page that doesn’t convert well wastes a lot of time and effort.

Once you have a page that converts better, your sales will automatically begin to increase. Instead of spending money on a professional copywriter (they can be very expensive) learn to do it yourself by investing in a Step-By-Step Online Copywriting Course.

My Review of Step-By-Step Online Copywriting Course

What’s included inside the members area?
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Killer Headlines For Writing Blog Posts: 15 Elements For Creating Compelling, Shareable Blog Post Headlines

Unless you write killer headlines for your blog posts your chances of getting visitors to read the rest of your content drastically declines. This is why you should spend time crafting a good headline before publishing it because you want as many people as possible reading your post. Many blog post titles fail to attract readers because they don’t grab the reader’s attention.

Here are 8 elements for creating killer blog post headlines:
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How To Identify Your Target Audience

The more you know about your target audience the easier it will be to sell products and services to them. Sending large amounts of traffic to an untargeted audience is like throwing mud at a wall hoping it will stick. You can easily waste lots of time and money driving traffic to your website resulting in little or no sales. You need to zero in on the wants, needs and desires of your audience if you want to improve sales.

7 ways to identify your target audience

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How to Write Web Copy That Sells

Even if you have the fanciest website that attracts a ton of traffic it still doesn’t guarantee you will generate sales. Websites generate sales based on the content used on the webpages. If you Web copy doesn’t attract the attention of your visitors it won’t motivate them to purchase your product or service. Many webmasters make the mistake of creating generic content that sounds very boring then wonder why they aren’t making any sales.

Here are 7 tips on how to write web copy that sells:

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5 Things All Good Copy Must Have

Have you ever visited a website or read an article online that didn’t make sense? If you surf the web you’ll find hundreds of sites that have written lousy web copy and therefore don’t convert visitors into buyers. If you’re copy is bad throwing more traffic at it is not going to improve your conversion rates. Good copy can transform the performance of your website.

5 Things All Good Copy Must Have

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Copywriting 101 – How to Strategically Use Keywords to Your Benefit

While I always advise webmasters to write website copy for their visitors first they must also write for the search engines so their web page or article will get found by the search engine spiders. For instance if you’ve invested hours into copywriting new web pages but no one can find them when they do a search on a specific keyword related to your niche, you’ll have wasted your time and effort.

How search engines find your content

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Web Copywriting: 12 Ways To Correctly Layout Your Website Copy

Have you ever visited a web page you couldn’t read?
Read a web page but couldn’t understand what it was trying to say?
Didn’t understand what the website was about?

Whenever I visit a website I want to know immediately it’s purpose and if it will answer my most pressing questions ie does it have the services I need, is it selling the product I’m looking for and what are the top benefits of the product or service that will motivate me to buy. If this is not stated plainly on the home page within a few seconds I am out of there looking for another web site that better serves my needs.

One of the most important factors of making it easy for visitors to read the information on your website is the layout of your content. If the elements on the page appear cluttered it makes the content difficult to read. Most website visitors don’t actually read every word. Instead they scan the headlines, sub headlines, view the images and click on navigation links to seek more information.

You only have a few seconds to make an impression otherwise they’ll immediately click away to your competitors’ sites.

12 ways to correctly layout your website copy to improve conversion rates

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Web Copywriting: 6 ways to engage your audience

There is often a great disconnect between the content on your website and your audience because it’s written in an impersonal manner. The difficulty of trying to sell a product is that you can’t touch it therefore the words you use have to do all the work by getting the visitor to take action and buy the product.

To engage your readers you need to imagine having a conversation with the person sitting opposite you. Only after you’ve personalized your web copy send it to the rest of your audience. They’ll think it was meant for them because your content was personable.

6 ways to engage your audience in a conversational manner

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Headline Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid

The purpose of great website copy is to keep your visitor on the web page to read all your content. In order to keep their attention you need to write great headlines and subheadlines because most visitors will scan your content to see if it interests them. If the headline doesn’t capture their attention they’re not going to read any further and will leave. You only have a few seconds to make an impression.

5 headline copywriting mistakes to avoid

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