Web Copywriting: 12 Ways To Correctly Layout Your Website Copy

Have you ever visited a web page you couldn’t read?
Read a web page but couldn’t understand what it was trying to say?
Didn’t understand what the website was about?

Whenever I visit a website I want to know immediately it’s purpose and if it will answer my most pressing questions ie does it have the services I need, is it selling the product I’m looking for and what are the top benefits of the product or service that will motivate me to buy. If this is not stated plainly on the home page within a few seconds I am out of there looking for another web site that better serves my needs.

One of the most important factors of making it easy for visitors to read the information on your website is the layout of your content. If the elements on the page appear cluttered it makes the content difficult to read. Most website visitors don’t actually read every word. Instead they scan the headlines, sub headlines, view the images and click on navigation links to seek more information.

You only have a few seconds to make an impression otherwise they’ll immediately click away to your competitors’ sites.

12 ways to correctly layout your website copy to improve conversion rates

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