How To Check YouTube Channel Growth With These 5 YouTube Tools

Are you confused about what to focus on when it
comes to the growth of your YouTube channel?

If you’re not getting new views and subscribers to your videos, then you’re probably going to wonder about what specifically you should improve upon.

How do you check if your channel has
grown in the past weeks, months, or years?

In the video below, you’ll discover 5 tools that will help you to track the performance of your videos and your channel, so you’ll know exactly what you need to focus on to boost your growth.

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1. Morningfame

This is a relatively new tool, but I want to go a little bit into the demonstration of how to use it, so you can use it for your own channel. The beauty about Morningfame is that is that you can look at the statistics that it gives you, and then repeat what works, and then change something that is not working. It can easily spot the videos that are successful and the videos that are not successful.

The second benefit is that it also gives you specific recommendations for the growth of your channel. It compares your channel with other channels and gives you specific recommendations that you can work on to improve.

The third benefit is to see the velocity of your videos. When you upload a new video, you’re going to see quickly the number of views that are gained. You are going to track the velocity of that video in the next 24 or 72 hours.

Usually, if a video really takes off in that period of time, in 24-48 hours, then you know it’s probably going to get a lot of traffic, a lot of traction. In that way, Morningfame is a great tool for that.

Let’s take a look at the Morningfame membership area…

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It’s actually free to join. They give you a one-month trial. But here you can see, on the Traction tab, you’ve got, “Is your channel trending upwards?” For my channel, it says, “Yes, it’s trending upwards. The views are average, average watch time.” It gives you the engagements, engagement rate, and also the gained subscribers.

Then it also says, “How much did each video contribute to the growth of your channel?” This one I did on growing your fanbase. I guess the statistics don’t yet show how it grew. But the views– It got 173 in 72 hours. Average watch time is 148. Then engagements, and the engagement rate was very good, 36%. Didn’t mgain any subscribers.

Then, if I scroll down further, there’s this one, “How to get 1,000 subscribers fast” made my channel grow, got a lot of views, average watch time, engagements was good, and I gained five subscribers. In this one here, “How to get 4,000 hours fast” made my channel grow, got a lot of views, and got the watch time, and engagements, and also gained subscribers.

Let’s look at the Strategy tab. It says, “How strong was your channel performance?” Here it’s split up into views, watch time, engagement, gaining subscribers. Views was underperforming, but the engagement and gaining subscribers was above expectations.

Under growth opportunities, it says, “Create more of these.” These videos actually did very well. This one here got– Views was A grade, watch time; C grade, that’s not so good. But engagement and subscribers did well.

The other videos did pretty well too. Whereas, others got low grades. Then it’s suggesting that you try something new.

Under the Workshop tab it shows the number of views that are gained in the last seven days, the channel, my channel. Average from subscribers. The last seven days was above expectations. Again, 35,000 views.n Then, from subscribers was a little bit below expectations and also the average from visitors.

Under  growth opportunities, it says, “Sustain last week’s good amount of views. Growing views is recommended. I can go to Top videos by views or Tips to grow views. Then I can research my next video. Then, I can also look at watch time. It was above expectations on average amount of visitors. Accumulated watch time was not so high.

Under “Consider growing your watch time.” I can click on Top videos by watch time and Top videos by accumulated watch time. Then, if I go to engagement tab, was good engagement from visitors, comments, and also the shares.”

Under Gaining subscribers, my channel was above expectations. Gain per video, and the growth opportunities, amount of subscribers gained per video is good. “Your videos are gaining a good amount subscribers. You may decide to work on gaining even more subscribers with each video.”

If I go the Velocity tab, I’ve got, “Velocity is the motor of the channel growth.” You’ve got Appealing thumbnails. “Do your thumbnails have a consistent look?” I think they have a consistent look there. “Do your thumbnails work even if they’re small?”

Here is a small image that you see on the phone, but you can see that it’s very clear what the video is about, based on the small thumbnail. “Which thumbnail would you click?” Out of all these here, I’d probably click on mine, of course. I’m a bit prejudiced, but I have got strong colors, strong contrast and large text.

The thumbnail stands out amongst the other video thumbnails.

Good subscriber experience.
These are the grades for my particular videos. The top ones were, “How to get 4,000 hours fast” has A grade for views, B grade for watch time, and engagement was A grade. That was a top performing video out of 10 videos. That’s the Morningfame Tool.

Also, you can see the velocity here during the 72 hours after publishing. It shows you. You can also do a comparison here, and you can also check the other videos. That’s the Morningfame analytics tool, which I think is very helpful, because it simplifies the analytics for your channel and for your videos.

Get a free trial of MorningFame at: After 1 month it’s like $3 a month, if you pay for a year, or about $4 a month, if you go month by month.

2. Social Blade.

The good thing about Social Blade, is that it gives you a grade on your channel. I’ve got a B-total grade. You got a subscriber rank, and you’ve also got your Social Blade rank, view rank, etcetera.

You can also do future projections. If I click on here, then I can do future projections, going all the way up to 2023, which says I’ll have about 72,000 subscribers in five years. Hopefully, I get there faster. It’s a rough idea. You also got subscriber milestones that are there. One thing I liked about this was the live subscriber count. I’ve got 23,252.

If you’re getting a lot of subscribers, you can actually watch the ticker.

3. TubeBuddy

Here you can see, just checking on the rankings of the tags that you use for your videos. Say, for this latest video that I did, “How to turn viewers into subscribers on YouTube,” I’ve got How to turn viewers into subscribers on YouTube. It’s ranking number one. How to turn views into subscribes on YouTube, number six. How to convert viewers into subscribers on YouTube, number six. It just gives you the ranking to these tags.

There are other things that TiubeBuddy does. Mostly, I use it for optimizing my videos, or for doing keyword research.

You can actually do the video to video promotion, which is you can put a subscribe link across all the videos on your channel. I got a thumbnail generator that is there, and animated gif generator. But what I usually use it for is I can go down to “Suggest” here and it’ll suggest the keywords that you can put into your tags, and you can also explore your competitors’ channels. That’s a handy feature. I think that’s really cool.

4. YouTube Studio tool at YouTube Studio app.

This is the YouTube Studio app. You can install it on your phone. First seven days versus the videos published in the last six months. You’ve got Real-time views in the last 48 hours, estimated views, 10,000. Then, it’s got Real-time views, the last published videos. That’s in the Overview tab.

Then, if you go to the Discovery tab, it shows you Traffic source types. You’ve got YouTube search, external, suggested videos.

Then, your Top external sources; Google search, Facebook, etcetera. Then, you’ve got YouTube search terms that are actually doing well on the channel, like how to translate YouTube videos, sub4sub, how to monetize YouTube videos.

Then, you’ve got the Top videos that are suggesting your content. This is based upon your videos appearing in other people’s channels, based upon their viewing experience. These ones have been suggested. That means I know that I need to create more of those type of videos, in order to gain more subscribers or grow my channel.

Then you can also check out the demographics by going to the Audience tab. The beauty of this app is that you can just do it on the go, while you’re out and about, or waiting for your wife to finish shopping, or whatever. Here you’ve got the gender. For me, it’s mostly male. Age is mostly– 18 to 24 is the highest, but varies between 18 to 65, more or less. And the top countries. That’s the beauty of the YouTube Studio app.

That’s the five tools that I use quite a bit. I do use  YouTube Analytics, which I’m not going to go into here, but you can check out the link below the video to watch my video on YouTube Analytics explained.

I think the most important thing about YouTube Analytics is checking out your watch time and audience retention. The main purpose or the main thing you could focus on is your audience retention. If you can get over 50% or get over 60%, then this actually helps your videos to be suggested on other people’s channels. Also, they’ll rank better on the search engines.

Then also, check out your traffic sources and YouTube Analytics. Just go to your dashboard, go to YouTube Analytics, and go to your traffic sources, and look at the videos that are doing the best in search, doing the best in suggested.

You’ll find that the videos you have uploaded recently will often– It’s a result of people visiting your channel homepage. Just make sure your channel homepage is well-designed and you got your playlists on there, you’ve got a good channel banner and you’ve also got a good customized channel trailer.

Then also, with your audience retention, which is also YouTube Analytics, try to create engaging videos that will then help to keep people watching your videos. The longer somebody spends watching your videos, then the greater possibility that your video is going to get promoted by YouTube and show up in suggested videos, show up in the search engines.

Those are really the main ways to check your channel growth. The first one I talked about was the Morningfame, which you can get at:

Then, the other tool was Social Blade, which is You can check your grade of your channel, your subscriber rank, your total views, your total subs per month, future projections, your live subscribe count. You can even compare your YouTube stats with other channels. You can just put another channel on there and it’ll give you the stats for your competitors’ channels.

Then TubeBuddy, which you can get at, is a great tool for the optimization of your videos and for keyword research, and also to track the rankings of the tags for each specific video. It will even show the rankings of the tags for your competitors’ videos. Once you’ve installed the TubeBuddy app, you can actually check the rankings of the tags on your competitors’ videos.

5. YouTube Studio App

This app is great for checking your statistics and checking the growth of your channel and videos. You can download it from the App Store. That’ll give you the real-time views, will give you the watch time, or show you the top YouTube search terms. It’ll show you the top videos that are suggesting your content, it’ll show you the top playlists that are playing your content, it’ll give you the gender, the age, and the top countries where your traffic is coming from.

Then, the bonus tool is the YouTube Analytics, which is just going into your dashboard at YouTube and looking at your top 10 videos, looking at your top traffic sources, looking at your top subscriber videos. If you click on the subscriber link, this will give you the top videos that are attracting the most subscribers. Your traffic sources will also give you the age, gender, and country, your demographics of your videos.

The most important thing, if you go to YouTube Analytics, is to look at your audience retention graph. That will give you an idea of where people are dropping off in your videos. When you create more engaging videos, they’ll be more promoted by YouTube and appear more on the search engines. When that happens, that results in more subscribers and more views, which ultimately results in a boost in the growth of the channel.

I hope those 5 tools will help you to check the growth of your YouTube channel, then you can absolutely know what you need to focus on to improve your channel, to improve your videos, so you can get an increase in growth as you proceed this year.

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  1. I’d been using the Youtube Studio App so far and it’s been working quite allright, however after reading your experience with Morningfame I’ll be putting an eye on it so thanks for the suggestion and this post!

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