How To Convert YouTube Traffic Into Leads

youtube traffic and conversion

Are you generating traffic from your videos on YouTube?
Do you know where your traffic is coming from?
Is your traffic converting into new leads for your business?

Since getting into video marketing my 2 greatest challenges have been generating traffic and converting that traffic into new leads. Perhaps you’re in the same boat therefore I want to share with you some of the things I’ve tried over the past year that have worked for me however I can’t guarantee it will work for you.

3 Major Steps For Converting YouTube Traffic Into Leads:

1. Generate traffic

Most of my YouTube traffic comes from gaining first page rankings in the search engines..primarily YouTube and Google. I achieved this by optimizing my videos during and after the uploading process.

Here are the steps you need to take to optimize your videos:

  • Identify the keyword phrase that gets plenty of searches each month
  • Save the video file using your main keyword phrase
  • Create a captivating title that includes your keyword
  • Write a description that includes your title, URL and your main keywords
  • Create tags that contain main and related keywords
  • Upload a transcript of your video content
  • Embed your video on your own blog as well as other websites
  • Announce your video on social media sites
  • Subscribe and comment on related channels and videos in your niche

2. Analyze your traffic sources

Use your YouTube analytics data to see which videos are receiving the most traffic, where it is coming from and if viewers are watching your video to the end (retention rate). For instance if your number one video receives most of its traffic from first page rankings in YouTube and/or Google, try to boost the rankings of your other videos by getting more backlinks or trying different keywords.

3. Convert YouTube traffic into leads

So now you’re getting traffic but no new leads. There could be a number of factors causing this so you’ll have to do some testing.

Here are some conversion mistakes and how to correct them

No clear call to action
Use the annotation feature to create a call to action in your video ie “click the link below this video.”

Video length is too long
If visitors are leaving before they get to the end they won’t see the call to action you placed there. Keep your video under 3 minutes (2.5 is good) and also place a call to action at the beginning.

Targeting the wrong audience
Even if you receive a ton of traffic to your videos, if the information is not what people they’ll leave within a few seconds. One way to test this out is looking at the retention rates in YouTube analytics data. Before creating your next video identify your ideal client then offer solutions to their problems.

No immediate call to action
Internet users tend to be very impatient so if you don’t immediately tell them what to do and how to do it at the end of your video you’ll lose them. You’ll gain more leads if you reduce the steps for taking action. For instance instead of asking them to visit your blog to enter their contact information in your opt-in form, direct them immediately to an opt-in squeeze page that contains a free gift for subscribing.

Distractions on landing page
The best converting landing pages are the ones that only contain one call to action (ie fill out an opt-in form). If the page contains links to other pages, ads, multiple pieces of content, they will distract your visitor from performing the action you want them to take.

Test to see what works best. For instance if you’re not getting new leads from YouTube to your blog, try sending viewers directly to a squeeze page.

Sloppy landing page copy
If the copy on your landing page doesn’t clearly state the benefits of opting in to your newsletter, provides a clear call to action or appears too cluttered you won’t generate many new leads. Get a copywriter to review your page before presenting it to the public to remove grammar or spelling mistakes and that it speaks to your readers.

Lack of testing
Continually test different calls to action, landing page designs, web copy, headlines, types of videos to improve your conversion rates.

If you follow these points you’ll have a lead generation machine working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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