How To Create A Captivating Channel Trailer On YouTube

Your channel trailer is the first thing that visitors will see if they haven’t subscribed to your channel. A captivating trailer will generate more subscribers. More subscribers means a larger audience and a larger audience means you’ll be able to generate more sales.

Here are the steps to create a captivating
channel trailer on YouTube…

Watch the video below…

1. Hook your viewers in the first few seconds.
Assume the viewer has never heard of you. Here’s an example “Let me ask you a question…do you want to learn how to generate more traffic, leads and sales using YouTube videos?”

2. Introduce yourself
For example…”Over the last few years I’ve been using my YouTube Channel to attract new subscribers, build a list and to generate sales from my own products and affiliate products.”.

3. Summarize what your channel is all about
For example “here are some of the video tutorials that
I upload every week to my YouTube channel

4. Let viewers know when new content will
be uploaded to your channel.

For example…”if you want to receive a new video tutorial every week then make sure you subscribe to my channel.”

5. Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel in
your video using annotations

For example…”Click the subscribe button now or
click the link in the description

6. Add a short description beside your video
Make sure your viewers can read it without scrolling down the page.

7. Include links in your description
For example…..include a channel subscription link and/or an opt-in link to download a free report or subscribe to a free e-course.

Keep these important points in mind when
creating your channel trailer:

1. Keep your video short.
It should be under 60 seconds.

2. Show, don’t tell.
Break your video up into different shots so it will keep your viewers attention.

3. Don’t just show a recently uploaded video.
It may not illustrate the breadth of the content of your channel. Make sure your channel trailer communicates to your viewers what your content is all about.

Now you know how to create a captivating
channel trailer on YouTube.

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