How To Embed A Channel Logo Across All Your Videos On YouTube

Do you want to save time by displaying your channel logo
across all the videos on your YouTube channel?

YouTube’s channel watermark feature allows you to embed your channel logo across all the videos on your channel at the same time. This beats having to create a separate logo for every video that you upload. You just set it up once and you’re done.

One huge benefit of this channel branding element is that it will appear across all devices whether it’s a computer or mobile device. It will also allow viewers to directly subscribe to your channel when they hover over your logo.

Here’s how to embed a channel logo across all the videos
on your YouTube channel at the same time using the branded watermark.

Watch the video below…

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  • Go to your profile icon
  • Click creator studio
  • Click on channel
  • Click branding
  • Click add a watermark
  • It says “for best results choose transparency and just one color”
  • Click choose file
  • Select your logo
  • It should be 800 by 800 pixels
  • Click choose
  • Here’s the name of my logo “best maryland businesses”
  • Click save
  • And here you can see that my logo is at the top right hand corner
  • Now here you can choose a custom start time, you can place it at the end of your video or you can do it for the entire video
  • This will show your logo throughout the video and on all of your videos
  • Click update
  • It says “saved successfully”
  • Let’s check one of the videos
  • Click video manager
  • Now you can see the logo at the top right hand corner of your video
  • If you hover over it it will say “best maryland businesses”…that’s the name of the logo. It will also display how many subscribers you have
  • If the person clicks on the link they’ll be subscribed to your channel

That’s it!

Now you know how to embed a channel watermark across all the videos on your YouTube channel at the same time.

Here’s a couple of tips…
1. You can analyze the performance of your branding watermark
by visiting the annotations reports in YouTube Analytics.

2. The channel watermark currently displays in landscape view on iOS and Android devices. It doesn’t work on any other mobile, tablet or TV devices.

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