Ezine Articles – Top 7 Reasons To Write Articles For Ezines…Part 2

Part 2

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5. Continuous stream of visitors

Articles have a long life because they’ll remain on the Net even after you’re gone. To make this happen you need to promote them consistently over time. Writing ezine articles and submitting them to online publications will keep attracting visitors to your web site without any extra effort on your part. Make sure you keep an online archive of your ezines so they will be spidered by the search engines.


Be careful of duplicate content. If your ezine articles are already on your web site, don’t include your ezine archives as part of your site because search engines will penalize you for duplicate content. Either rewrite the article for your web site or store your ezine articles elsewhere.

6. Become known as an authority

If you write lots of articles on the same subject you will become known as the authority on that subject. This will occur over time as your articles are distributed throughout the Net. Your web site will eventually be recognized as the “go to” site for all things related to that subject.

7. Increase link popularity

One of the fastest ways to become recognized on the Net is getting other web sites to link to your web site. This is called link building. Link popularity refers to the number and quality of links pointing to your site. As the number of quality links pointing to your site increases, your rankings will increase also. High rankings attract more visitors and boost your conversion rates.


Writing ezine articles is a powerful method to attract and retain visitors. Not only is it a way to give back to your readers for purchasing your products but they will provide an ongoing source of traffic that increases as you write and submit more articles.

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