Free Tutorial for Twitter – What is Twitter?

I finally broke down and decided to open a Twitter account after hearing about the great successes my online friends were having connecting with others in their niche. I thought it would be an easy application to master quickly yet found I couldn’t figure out how to use it even after studying the help and faq files.

So I decided to write a free tutorial to help all those folks that were as confused as I was when beginning to use Twitter.

What is Twitter?

It’s a social media application that allows you to communicate with others instantly through short messages of 140 characters.

Twitter is designed to work on a mobile phone as well as on a computer plus there are many other tools which enable you to make updates to your Twitter account such as IM.

How to Get Started

1. Create an account

Visit and click “Join for free.” If you’re serious about using it as a marketing tool use your own name as the username. It’s more personal and people can instantly address you by your real name instead of racer22 or something similar.

2. Upload a photo

Make sure you have a nice photo of yourself. It will appear on other people’s Twitter accounts.

3. Configure your settings

This is where you can edit your online bio, URL, time zone etc.

4. Customize the background

Use a different background than the default style to differentiate your twitter page from all others. You can accomplish this by uploading a different background color from your computer in .gif or .jpeg format.

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