Get More Clicks On YouTube With AI Powered Title Generator

Are tired of brainstorming the perfect title for your YouTube video,
only to find it’s not engaging enough to attract viewers?

Look no further!

TubeBuddys AI title generator will create a killer title that is sure to grab the attention of your audience.

In the video below, I’ll show you how to access TubeBuddys AI title generator, how it works, and how to use the AB testing feature to track the results of your title variations.

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Here’s how to access the Title Generator

  • Click on the content tab in YouTube studio
  • select the video that you wish to add titles to. 
  • Click the TubeBuddy dropdown icon
  • click title generator.
  • You’ll see the TubeBuddy title generator under your video title. You’ll also see the title generator over here on the right. It says, use our AI writing tool to suggest a variety of titles and descriptions for your video. 
  • Click generate ideas. TubeBuddy will generate 8 different video titles.
  • Select the title that you like and click apply.
  • I like this one. “How to trim videos quickly and easily on your phone or iPad, no app required.” 
  • After you’ve clicked apply, the new title will appear in your video title box.
  • If you don’t like any of the titles generated, you can just click Generate Ideas again. It’ll now generate another 8 alternative video ideas. .

Another way to access the title generator is to go to the video details page. Just hover over the video, click on details. You’ll see title generator over here on the right, or you can click on Title Generator under your video title then click generate ideas

Keep in mind, you can also generate titles for unlisted videos before you publish them

  • Click details
  • click title generator
  • click Generate Ideas.

This is a great way to select the best title for your video before you release it to the public.

What if you want to test different titles… is that possible? 

Absolutely. If you upgrade to the legend version of TubeBuddy you can split test different titles.

Here’s how to use TubeBuddys AB testing feature.

  • Go to your video details page.
  • Click on AB testing and title generator. You can split test different thumbnails, titles, descriptions, and tags. I highly recommend split testing thumbnails and titles.
  • Select title
  • click Next. Under how long you would like to run this test, you can select “until it reaches statistical significance.” This will give you more accurate results, but it’ll require over a thousand views. You can also select 14 days or change it to whatever day you want. You can start the test as soon as possible, or select your own start time. I’m gonna leave it on 14 days.
  • Click next. Now it’s generating title suggestions. My original title is “How to Trim Videos on Your Phone or iPad, no App Required.” Then I’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4 other video titles to choose from.
  • If I don’t like any of these titles, I can click refresh. It generates some more suggestions. I like this one. “How to quickly and easily trim videos on your iPhone or iPad.” 
  • Select that one.
  • Click “Start test” It says “your test has been successfully scheduled.” 
  • Click okay. If I go to my TubeBuddy page and look under AB tests, I can see the status of my test. I can stop the test. I can see the settings, my original title and my variation title, and it says my initial results will be ready on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023.
  • I can also create a new AB test

Do you want to rank your videos on the first page of YouTube by uncovering the titles people are searching for on YouTube? 

The keyword research tool from TubeBuddy called Keyword Explorer helps you uncover what people are searching for on YouTube so you can rank higher in the YouTube search results. For example, this video titled “How to Translate YouTube Comments to English” currently ranks on the first page of YouTube and ranks number one on Google search.

Here’s how to use TubeBuddys Keyword Explorer tool to discover titles that are easy to rank for.

  • Click on the TubeBuddy icon at the top of the page.
  • Click launch keyword explorer.
  • Now enter a keyword word phrase. I’m gonna put “How to trim videos” and now it gives me the suggestions from YouTube search how to trim videos on your phone, YouTube, TikTok, et cetera.
  • If I click “Explore” I get a poor weighted score.

    Weighted means how good this keyword word is to target for your specific channel based upon search volume and competition relevancy.

    Unweighted means general score for how good this keyword word is to target based on search volume and competition.

    I’ve got related searches from YouTube such as, how to trim videos on your phone, YouTube, TikTok, et cetera.
  • I’m gonna choose “How to trim videos on your iPhone.” 
  • Now I’ve got a very good score.
  • Search volume is fair, competition is good. Optimization strength is excellent.
  • If I click unweighted score, it says, good.
  • If I add or iPad, click score. again, I’ve got an excellent weighted score.
  • If I click unweighted, it’s also excellent.
  • If I click on Results, I can see all the videos that are currently ranking in YouTube Search results. Oh, here’s mine. “How to Trim videos on your phone and iPad, no app required.”
  • Click copy to Clipboard to copy your title. If you get an overall SEO score of very good or excellent, it increases the probability of a video getting high rankings in the search engines.

After you’ve uncovered a title that is easy to rank for, use TubeBuddys title generator to come up with alternative clickable video titles. You can then use TubeBuddys title split testing feature to see which title performs the best and get you the most views.

Click here to get a licensed copy of TubeBuddy now! With the free and Pro licenses, you’ll receive a free trial of up to 5 title searches. If you upgrade to the legend version, which I have, you’ll get unlimited availability and have unlimited access to all the features of TubeBuddy. If you’re serious about speeding up the growth of YouTube channel, I highly recommend getting the legend license of TubeBuddy.

Here are my recommendations for using TubeBuddys AI title generator.

  1. Use it on unlisted videos so you can select the best clickable title before publishing your video
  2. Use it on older videos that are no longer getting views to attract new traffic. When you change the title for an old video, YouTube will reindex the video and show it to a new audience.
  3. Split test different titles using TubeBuddys title split testing feature to see which title performs the best. If your new title doesn’t increase views, run another test.
  4. Use TubeBuddys keyword Explorer tool to uncover the titles people are searching for on YouTube so your videos can rank higher in the YouTube search results.
  5. Use TubeBuddys thumbnail split testing feature to split test different thumbnails so you can get a higher clickthrough rate on your videos.

Now you know how to use TubeBuddys, AI title generator to get a crazy amount of title options, how to use TubeBuddys split testing feature to split test different video titles, and how to use TubeBuddys keyword research tool to uncover video titles that will easily rank in the YouTube search results.

If you want to skyrocket the views on your YouTube videos, watch this video on how to use TubeBuddys suggested shorts tool. It’ll help you uncover the videos on your channel that have the highest retention that you can make into a high performing short.

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