How to Create a Drop Down Menu

I mostly use drop down menus for large web sites that need
a more complex navigation menu compared to the standard
buttons at the top or side of web pages.

Benefits of a drop down menu

1. Easy access to all major categories and subcategories of
your web site.

2. Reduces the amount of links to display

3. Create as many subcategories as you like from one main

4. Easy to organize your whole site.

5. Allows visitors to quickly view all links from one

6. Able to use a variety of styles and colors.

7. Provides a professional appearance.

Resources for creating drop down menus

1. Sothink DHTML Menu

– Sothink DHTML Menu creates JavaScript Cross Browser

– Easily creates fully featured cross-browser drop down
menus in a visual edit mode.

– Generate stylish DHTML menus in minutes.

– Free Dreamweaver add-ins help you quickly design your
menu and integrate it with your existing web site.

– Generate search-engine-friendly drop down web menus, so
your web site can easily be indexed by the search engines.

– License allows you to create menus for unlimited

Price $79.00

Here’s an example of the Sothink DHTML Menu included in a
church web site I designed:

It shows the flyout menu accessed from the left side of the
web page.

I recommend purchasing this software if you need to quickly
and easily create lots of web sites with drop down or
flyout menus. It only takes a few minutes to drop the menu
into your design instead of spending hours creating one
from scratch.

2. FreeStyle Menus v1.0 RC11

This is an XHTML compliant, CSS-formatted menu script,
designed to work with the current generation of
standards-based websites. The menu data is stored in the
HTML document itself (unlike other JavaScript menus) as
either nested lists or disparate DIV tags, and the script
manages the showing and hiding of these elements with
customisable timer delays.

This script is “donation-ware.

3. Suckerfish Dropdown

This is an alternative to the above DHTML dropdown menus
which include a large amount of javascript. The suckerfish
dropdown menu is a lightweight, accessible,
standards-compliant, and cross-browser-compatible.

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