How to Create a Landing Page from Scratch

How to Create a Landing Page from Scratch

What is a landing page
How to create a landing page
How to drive traffic to your landing page

Most online marketers will say “the money is in the list.” One of the best ways to build a large list of contacts is to create a landing page. With a large list you can continue to offer products to them to make money quickly and easily. For example if you created list of 3000 contacts and only 300 of them bought a product for $100.00 you’d make $3000.00 from one email.

What is a landing page?

This is often referred to as a squeeze page or lead capture page. For example if you’re using Google AdWords, when someone clicks on the ad they’ll be redirected to your landing page. The landing page typically contains content that asks for a person’s email address to receive a free report or software. When the person submits their information they’ll get the report.

In pay per click (PPC) campaigns the landing page is customized to enhance the effectiveness of different advertisements. By studying metrics or analytics of the linking URL, marketers can compare the click-through rates and Conversion rate to determine the most profitable advertisement.

How to Create a Landing Page from Scratch

1. HTML software

If you don’t want to spend money on html software and a hosting account you can create a simple landing page on Google Pages or at WordPress dot com. If you prefer to create your own page and host it yourself use free HTML software such as “Kompozer” to create your HTML page.

2. Write a captivating headline

The headline should match your ad. For example if the headline of your ad says “Get Web Traffic” this should also be included in your landing page headline.

3. Include main benefits

Your sub-headline and content should point out the main benefits of your offer. Use bullets to separate the points and make them easier to read. Most online readers are human scanners. They will scan your landing page to find the most important content.

4. Create a sign-up form

If you’re using an autoresponder service such as Aweber they’ll provide the html code to insert on your web page. If you wish to create your own form go to: How to Create a Contact Us Form for Your Website

Alternatively read how to use the phpgformgenerator to create a form and save the form data to a database.

5. Offer a free report

Offering free information provides an incentive for your visitor to fill out the form. Once the visitor has filled out your contact form he or she gets redirected to a confirmation page containing the report. Make sure the report is a PDF file so it can be downloaded and read by anyone with a computer.

6. Add links to other pages

Google penalizes pages that contain little content ie one html page containing a contact form. To remedy this don’t make your home page the landing page. Google wants to make sure you have more information to offer your visitors so include pages with relevant content that’s linked to your landing page.

7. Drive traffic to your landing page

Here are 3 ways to get traffic:

  • Use Google AdWords to create ads that will drive traffic to your landing page
  • Write articles that contain a link to your landing page and submit them to article directories
  • Purchase a solo ad in a popular ezine. Include the link to your landing page.

Test which traffic method works best. After building a large list, survey them to find out what type of products they are be willing to buy. Once you know this you can start building an information product business.

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