How to Create and Market ebooks – Benefits

Do you want to attract tons of visitors to your web site without spending any money?

Ebooks provide a great way to generate free publicity for driving lots of traffic to your web site.

Top 10 Benefits of creating ebooks

1. Easy to create

If you’ve written a number of articles you can easily compile them to create an ebook. Ideally, pick a subject you love or know a lot about, then make an outline of the chapters. Under each chapter heading, write 7 tips, then fill out each tip by writing a paragraph or 2 about it. Soon you will have created an ebook you can market.

If you write your ebook in the OpenOffice software (free download at it contains a feature that converts your document into a PDF file. It enables you to generate headings, add images, change fonts, font color and number your pages in the correct order.

2. Inexpensive to produce

There is no paper involved because the ebook is created on your ebook on your computer. It is delivered through the internet. This means it can be distributed anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night without paying for postage. The only requirement is owning a computer and having internet access.

3. Quick delivery

Ebooks are primarily delivered electronically. You download it to your computer then start reading it on your monitor. You can also load it into your iPod then read it whenever you have some free time. You are no longer limited to just reading it at a computer location.

4. Easy to market

Once your rebook is created, you can market it on your web site, or build a web site just to sell it.

Here are 10 ways of getting traffic to your web site to sell your ebook:

Search engines
Search engine directories
Pay Per Click campaign
Social media marketing
Article marketing
Press releases
ebook directories

5. Viral marketing tool

If you create a free ebook containing high quality content then give it away freely, people will want to offer it as a a free gift to their subscribers, blog or web site visitors.

Make sure you include links to your web site(s). If 1000s of people read your free ebook they will be led to your web site thus increasing your web traffic. Your ebook wcan be an ongoing source of traffic for years to come.

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  1. I have been planning to write an ebook for some time but everything else seems to get in the way. But it’s always in the back of my mind so…

    I decided to write two ebooks over the summer. I have already started the fly fishing ebooks and I am working slow but I know that it happens one sentence at a time.

    The other ebook will be on Beginner’s to Backyard Gardening and I will write that as I create our new garden in our new backyard.

    I choose two of my hobbies because I know a whole lot more about these two subjects than most other things I know.

  2. Hi James,

    I can empathize with you. I had planned to finish my ebook within the first 40 days of this year but got too busy with design projects to focus on it. Now I try to do a little each day (even if it’s 15 mins) so I am making headway.

    PS I’ve been trying to grow grass unsuccessfully in my fully shaded backyard for 3 years. I’m experimenting on a small patch of it this year:-)

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