How To Download YouTube Videos Online Without Installing Any Software

Let me ask you a question…are you making backups
of all the videos you upload to YouTube?

I make a backup copy of each video I produce and save it on an external hard drive. I do this in case YouTube removes a video or terminates my channel.

But what if your hard drive gets corrupted or you lose it?
How are going to retrieve all the videos that you uploaded to your YouTube channel?

Watch the video below…

Here are 2 ways to download videos from your YouTube Channel:

1. Download individual videos
Log in to your YouTube channel
Click on your profile icon
Click creator studio
Click video manager
Select the video that you wish to download
Click the drop down
Select download MP4
If I go to my downloads folder ..I’ll see the video file.

You can only download a single video up to 5 times a day and you’ll notice that the video downloaded from YouTube is much smaller that your original video and of less quality because it has been compressed.

2. Download all archived videos from your channel
Go to this URL…
Click “next”
Select your file type
Delivery method..”send download link via email or add to drive”
Click “create archive”
It says “it may take some time before it is ready to download. Don’t worry we’ll email you when it’s ready.”
Down here it says “an archive of your YouTube data is currently being prepared”
Here’s the email I received “your Google data archive is ready”
Click on “download archive”
Let’s check the download folder
It’s called “Takeout”
I’ve got an index.html file that names 2 files..history and subscriptions
The YouTube folder contains history and subscriptions.

Make sure you have enough free space on your
hard drive to download all your files.

That’s it!
Now you know how to download YouTube videos online without installing software.

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  1. Carlos Samey says

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