How To Find The Most Searched Keywords On YouTube Using YouTube’s Auto Suggestion Menu

Do you want stop wasting time creating
videos that nobody is searching for?

Many video marketers spend hours creating a good video that no one sees. When people can’t find your video on YouTube or google you won’t generate many views or subscribers. If you can’t generate traffic from your video you won’t be able sell many of your products or services.

Here are the steps to find the most popular keywords
on YouTube by using YouTube’s auto suggestion drop down menu.

Watch the video below….

So how do find popular keywords on YouTube
that make your videos easy to find?

Unfortunately YouTube removed YouTube’s Keyword Research Tool some time ago. The good news is that you’ll find the most searched keywords by using YouTube’s drop down suggestion menu.

One of the great benefits of using this feature is that it offers high volume keywords without even having to log in to YouTube.

  • Go to YouTube
  • Enter in a search term
  • As soon as you put in your search term you get a
    whole bunch of suggestions from the drop down
  • I’ve put in “how to get fit..I’ve got “how to get fit fast for teenagers, how to get fit for summer, how to get fit for soccer, how to get fit in a month” so let’s check out one of these search terms “how to get fit fast for teenagers”
  • And if you look at these videos you can see that in 8 months this one has got 247,000 views and in 4 years this one has got almost 5 million views, 8 months this one has got 4 million views and in 1 year this one has got has got 144,000 views.
  • So you can see that this is a very popular search term
    and many people are searching on it.
  • Keep in mind you only get about 10 search terms however
    you can drill down even deeper
  • For instance if I want to get “how to get fit at home” and I remove the “e” it will give you another 10 suggestions “how to get fit at home for teenagers, men, home for women, etc”
  • And if I did it for “how to get a fit body at home” and I remove “at home” and I’ve got “how to get a fit body for women, fit body for men, fit body in a month, fit body for girls, or fit body at home”
  • You can continue to drill down for each of these search terms then check the popularity of the videos on YouTube

Now you know how find the most searched keywords on YouTube that make your videos easy to find so you can generate traffic to your products and services.

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