How To Find Your Niche On YouTube – Top 7 Ways

Are you struggling to find your niche amongst
the millions of channels on YouTube?

You may think it’s best to create videos on a large variety of topics to appeal to the largest audience so you can get a ton of views and subscribers. The only problem with that thinking is when you try to reach everyone you reach no one or just a few people. It’s like trying to find the best toothpaste in a grocery store out of 100s of different brands. You can’t decide because they all look the same.

Before you decide on a niche for your YouTube channel, think about how you can make it unique so it can stand out from all the other competitors.

Here are the Top 7 Ways To Find Your Niche On YouTube

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1. Do what you love
According to Meriam Websters online dictionary a niche is a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted. Create list of things you enjoy doing or are passionate about. If you’re passionate about something it will be easier stay motivated and inspired. It will also be easier to build a connection with people who share the same interest and as well as structuring your video content.

Your list may include hobbies, sports, books, countries you’ve travelled to, mountains you’ve climbed, places you’ve worked, people you admire and organizations you belong to.

Just do a brain dump on paper without thinking too much about what to include so you won’t interrupt the creative process. In my previous video I discussed the 7 ways to identify your passion. Click the card icon above to check it out.

2. Share your expertise
Are you an expert in a particular field? Perhaps you worked in the marketing department for an offline business and now want to utilize your skills to market the products online. Perhaps you’ve gone camping every year and now want to start a channel to share your survival tips.

I began my channel by sharing my web design tips then discovered that I loved making videos. I also discovered that YouTube was a great tool for generating traffic, leads and sales on autopilot. Perhaps you have an old channel that has built up some authority but has been neglected. You can fire it up with new and improved content.

3. Start something new
Maybe all things that you’ve done in your life don’t inspire or motivate you anymore and you want to start something new. You might want to change your lifestyle by selling your house, buying an RV and travelling around the USA. The cool thing about doing something new is that you are your own target market. This means you can easily connect with people on the same level by sharing the same thoughts and emotions.

4. Go beyond your limitations
If there were no financial or physical constraints what would you do? How would you spend your time if you had unlimited funds? Allow yourself to think or dream big then write down all the things that come to mind.

5. Research your niche
Find out if there is an interest in the niche that you have chosen. Search YouTube to study the top channels related to your niche.

Ask yourself these questions…

* Has the channel got a ton of views and subscribers in the last few months?
* Do the videos receive a lot of comments to show that viewers are engaged with the content.

You can also visit other social media sites such as forums, Facebook Groups, linked in groups, twitter, etc. Notice the type of questions that people are asking.

Type your main keyword into the YouTube or Google search box. You’ll see
a list of related topics that you can create videos for.

6. Hone your niche
Instead of trying to appeal to everyone in your niche, narrow it down and focus on one area. Even though you will have a smaller audience, they will be more focused and easier to market to. For example if your niche is about dog training, focus on how to train a specific breed of dog.

7. Make your niche stand out from the crowd
Find ways to make your channel unique so it stands out from your competitors’ channels. For example you can create your own logo, use different channel art, thumbnails, and upload a channel trailer that encapsulates your video content.

You’ve succeeded in finding your niche on YouTube.
Your next step is to plan out your content so you don’t get stuck staring at a blank screen.

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