How To Generate Leads and Make More Sales

youtube marketing funnel

One of the biggest problems online marketers face is to create a highly targeted message that leads directly into your marketing funnel so it continuously generates more sales. If your message (web copy or video) doesn’t directly relate to the product you’re trying to promote your visitors will get distracted and go elsewhere. The more direct the pathway is to your offer the better your chances are of generating a sale.

Let me illustrate with a YouTube Video Example:

Before YouTube allowed links to your website within a YouTube video I was directing viewers to click the link in the description below the video. The result was almost no one bothered to click the link to sign up for my free e-course.

After YouTube allowed live links (associated website links) to be placed WITHIN videos I began offering my free e-course at the end of each video (within the video) as shown in this video. When viewers click the link named “free e-course” they redirected to an opt-in page that doesn’t contain any distractions ie other links or images to click on.

This dramatically increased the number of leads generated from my videos.

Google AdWords Example

Another great way to get highly targeted leads is by creating a Google Adwords Campaign. These are paid ads displayed down the right side of the search engine results pages. Most marketers don’t believe you can profit from Google AdWords however if the money you make from your ads exceeds what you invested in buying clicks to your offer you’ll consistently make a profit.

Here’s an example of a rigorously tested ad that received a high CTR (click through rate) of 24.5%

Light Folding Tables
So Strong and Durable you get an
Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

As can see the ad is focused on the clear benefits the visitor receives ie “light folding tables,” “so strong and durable.” I don’t have an example of the landing page but your copy must directly relate to the content of your ad. For example use the same headline at the top of your page as the one in your ad followed by the top benefits of your product.


If you want to generate a steady flow of leads and sales first choose a topic containing a lot of potential buyers (your ideal target market), create a free offer to get them on your list (ie free report or e-course), then send offers to your list via an email autoresponder series. Keep in mind the offers you make to your list of subscribers should solve their most pressing problems.

Once you set-up this system you’ll be able to generate sales on autopilot leaving you free to work on other projects.

If you want to set-up a Google AdWords Campaign to generate immediate, targeted traffic to your product or service visit this link to contact me.

Here’s an outline of what’s included:

* Keyword research
* Competitor Cost Analysis
* Strategic ad copywriting & setup of campaign, ad group and keywords
* Create ads which target your product or service
* Split test different ads
* Create a customized landing page
* Install Google Analytics to track performance
* Monitor clicks and conversions
* Monthly report showing campaign performance.

Click here to contact me about setting up a Google AdWords Campaign To Generate Leads and Make More Sales for your business.

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