How To GET MORE TRAFFIC On YouTube Videos

Are you unhappy with the amount of views you’re currently getting from your YouTube videos?

In the video below you’ll discover 7 ways to get more traffic from your existing YouTube videos.

  1. Identify the best performing videos on your channel.
    Go to YouTube Studio beta, click on Analytics. Click “view more” to see the comparison chart and which videos on your channel are getting the highest CTR or click-through rate.

    You can also look at the top videos on your channel that are getting the highest average view duration and the highest watch time. Once you’ve identified these statistics, just create more of those types of videos. You can simply use the different research tools such as the YouTube search bar, or TubeBuddy.

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  2. Change the thumbnails.
    If you’re not getting a good click-through rate on your YouTube thumbnails, consider changing the design. If nobody’s clicking on your thumbnails, then nobody’s going to watch your video. As a result, you won’t get more views and subscribers.

    If you can improve the click-through rate of your thumbnails by improving its design, then more people will watch your videos.

    One of the best ways to test different thumbnails is to split test your thumbnails. You can do this if you upgrade to the Legend option of TubeBuddy.

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  3. Add a transcript of your video content.
    This means people who cannot hear your video or have the sound turned off can read the captions beneath your video.
  4. Pin a comment to the top of your comments.
    If you put a question to the top of your comments that’s related to your video content, you’ll get more engagement to your video. When people go to comment, they’ll see your question at the top of the comments and want to answer that question with their own comment. This will encourage further engagement from existing videos.
  5. Link to a related playlist.
    Instead of saying goodbye at the end of your video, link to a playlist so you get people to watch more of your videos. If people binge watch your videos, then YouTube will reward you for it by giving you more watch time.

    If you get more watch time from people watching successive videos, then YouTube will rank your video in the search engines. It may also appear in suggestive videos, which are the videos on the right side of the watch page.

    You might also want to do this in your cards. Instead of linking to a single video, link to a playlist so people watch video after video in succession. This will extend the viewing session of your visitor.
  6. Embed the video on your blog.
    One of the highest traffic sources on my channel is external. When I look more deeply into external traffic sources, I find that comes from Google search. This is because I embed the videos on my blog together with a transcript.

    Keep in mind that your video is not going to show up in Google search right away. Sometimes it takes weeks, months or even years. However, it’s a great long-term strategy because often you get more traffic from Google than you do from YouTube. Sometimes the video only appears in Google search, but it doesn’t appear on YouTube search or YouTube suggested videos.
  7. Create a similar video.
    If you see that existing video is getting a lot of traffic, create a similar one with a different title and different video content. One way to do this is approach the topic from a different angle. You can then link from your existing video to your new video, using cards and in screens. This will extend the watch time of your existing video and improve your rankings and traffic.

    What if you just want to grow your channel fast?
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