How To Make A Playlist On YouTube To Improve Viewer Retention Rates

playlist on youtube

  • Do you want viewers to watch multiple videos with the least amount of effort?
  • Do you want to increase the time viewers spend watching your videos?
  • Do you want to increase your video rankings in the search engines?

Having lots of videos on your channel can cause it to become disorganized making it difficult for you and your viewers to find a specific video. Also when someone gets to the end of your video YouTube automatically displays a selection of videos from other channels causing viewers to leave your own channel.

The solution to these annoying problems is to make a Playlist.

What is a Playlist?

A playlist on YouTube is a group of videos that plays in order, one video after the other. When one video finishes playing, the next starts automatically so you don’t have to click or search to start playing a new video. They are usually grouped around specific subject however, you can create a playlist of any videos you want.

Here are the top 4 benefits for creating a YouTube Playlist

1. Organize your videos

Playlists enable you to organize all of your videos into specific topics making it easy for people to find them. As you video library grows you can sort them into different playlists for easier viewing.

2. Increase viewer retention rate

Playlists increase the time people remain on your channel. As soon as one video stops playing the next one in the series automatically begins. This helps the viewer remain on your own channel because they don’t have to search for the next video.

3. Boost video rankings

Playlists are indexed separately in searches on YouTube. This means that if you create playlists your videos will be more discoverable. For example if someone searches for “lizard”, not only will each of your lizard videos come up in the search results, but your lizard playlist will as well.

4. Get more views

When your videos are categorized under a specific playlist it makes it easier for viewers to continue watching the next video in the series resulting in more views per video. It also helps YouTube to find your related videos.

So how do you make a playlist?

Watch on YouTube: How To Make A Playlist On YouTube

  • Log in to your YouTube account
  • Click “video manager” from the drop down list on the top right side of your page
  • Click “playlists” under video manager on the left side of your page
  • Click the “+New Playlist” button to create a new playlist
  • Enter a title and description that includes your main keywords
  • Click “Create Playlist” to save your playlist.

How do you add videos to your playlist?

  • Go to your video manager to select the video you would like to add to your playlist
  • Click on the video so the page appears containing your video
  • Click “Add to” under the video to add the video to a playlist or create a new playlist

*You can add as many videos to your playlist as you like.
*You can also add a video to a playlist that already exists, or you can create a new one.

How do you edit, reorder, and manage playlists

You can make changes to your playlists by visiting your Video Manager:

  • Click your username in the upper right corner
  • Click Video Manager
  • Click Playlists on the left side of the page
  • Click the Edit button next to the playlist you’d like to edit
  • Click Done to save any changes you’ve made

How do you reorder the videos in your playlist?

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