HOW TO MAKE A YOUTUBE END SCREEN TEMPLATE (customized for your video)

Are you tired of using the same old end screens that YouTube provides?

It’s time to up your game and make an end screen template that’s customized for your video. In this video, I’m going to show you how to make your own YouTube end screen template by customizing the YouTube outro templates provided by Canva, a free online graphics software.

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Instead of using this plain old template from YouTube, which doesn’t allow you to put text on it, you can create a customized end screen template using Canva and put your own text on it.

  • Go to
  • Click create a design.
  • Click custom dimensions
  • Enter 1920 by 1080 pixels.
  • Click create a design.
  • In the search box, type YouTube outro. Now you can see all the end screen templates provided for you by YouTube.
  • I’m going to scroll down and choose a template, which is free
  • Click on the template.
  • Upload the end screen dimensions template posted below

Click Here To Download The YouTube End Screen Template

After you’ve downloaded template to your computer, just upload it by clicking the upload in image or video. I’ve already got it here so I’ve just got to click on that template. I’m going to expand this template, so it fits the same dimensions as the one I have here. Now, I’ve got my template uploaded with the same dimensions. As you can see, the end screen elements have to go inside this box. Anything outside it won’t be seen on the end screen.

Just click on transparency. If I slide to the left I can see my original template. I’m going to slide the transparency up a little bit, so as I edit the template, then I can stay within the dimensions. I can see the box that I have to stay inside as I move the transparency up a little bit. Now, I’m going to edit my end screen template so the elements remain within the box. Instead of, thank you for watching, I’m going to say, watch the next video.

As you can see, it’s slightly outside this box where the end screen elements must be but the text can be outside, so that’s fine. I’m going to move it over here. I’m going to leave the subscribe button as it is. I’m going to move these two boxes down to the bottom. I’m going to move it here and the other one over here. I want them evenly spaced so that the space here, here, and here that’s kind of even, and a space underneath these elements also.

I’m going to remove this, fresh episodes every Tuesday, and now I’ve got my template. Click on transparency and here’s my template. Click publish. Click download. Suggest as PNG, so I’m going to use PNG. Click download. Here’s the template on my computer. Now, I’m in my video editing software. I just got to add my template to the timeline. I click, finder, get my template, drag it down here. It’s going to be the last 20 seconds of my video.

I’m going to export it, so to go to file, export. I’m going to call this ENCARD8. Click export. While it’s exporting, I’m going to go to my YouTube channel. Now, I’m going to upload my video so just got to, click create, upload videos, select files, select ENCARD8, click open. Now, the video’s being processed and click next. No, it’s not made for kids. Click next. I can add an end screen here but the video hasn’t processed yet. It’s only 95% processed, so click next, click save, click close.

Here’s my video, it’s been processed. Click details. Click end screen and here’s my template. It says watch the next video. I’m going to choose one of these templates so I can overlay it on top of the custom end screen template I’ve created. This one looks a little bit similar, so I’m going to choose this one. Here’s my subscribe button so I’m going to put it over the top up here. This ones a playlist, so I’m going to move it over here. Here’s best for viewer, so I’m going to move this one over here.

Notice I got the grid on, so it shows where the elements must go, so I turned that off. Then I don’t know where to put the elements, so put that on, show grid. Notice that if I go over another element, then it shows the red there, so I don’t want to go over the elements. That’s about right. I want equal space between the elements. I’m going to change best for viewer to another video, so you can see the video on the element. It’s going to highlight that, trash it or choose a specific video.

Choose one of these. This one, I’ll choose a playlist. I don’t have a playlist for this channel, so I’m going to select the different element. Click delete element. I could use playlist, video, or channel, best for viewer here. Best for viewers won’t show up until the video is live. I can also space the elements out if I want to by moving them on the timeline. We want best for viewer to go first and the next video a little bit later.

Then the subscribe button can go a little bit later after that,` and click save. Let’s play the video and see how the end screen looks. I clicked my link, I’m going to go down where the end screen is. I’m going to play the video. My first one and then the second one. Here’s my subscribe button. Somebody hovers over the subscribe button, they can subscribe to my channel. They can watch this video or watch this video.

One’s best for viewer, and the other ones regular videos, so they have a choice. Best for viewer, is one that’s recommended by YouTube based upon the browsing behavior of the viewer. The second one is one that I’ve chosen which I highly recommend being a video in a playlist or a video similar to the one that they’ve just watched.

Let me ask you a question….

What end screen element or elements do you use the most when adding an end screen to YouTube videos?

Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

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