How To Motivate Yourself To Make YouTube Videos

Are you frustrated because you can’t think of any new ideas for your videos?
Perhaps you don’t feel like making any videos today.

You know that to be successful you have to keep going, but some days are just harder than others. What can you do? Try out one (or all) of these 7 simple tips to keep yourself motivated on YouTube.

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Here are 7 ways to motivate yourself to make YouTube videos…

1. Know your why

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said “He who has a why can enjoy anyhow.” Knowing your why is the first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that excite you so you can live the life that you want to enjoy. Without revisiting the reason why you created your channel in the first place, it’ll be easy to fall into disillusionment, distraction, and despair.

Ask yourself…is your reason to help your business grow, so you can support your family? Perhaps you’ve discovered a passion that you want to share with others.

Try to reconnect with a passion that you had when creating your channel, so you can reawaken the motivation that lies within you.

2. Write your thoughts down in a journal

Sometimes your mind is so cluttered with thoughts that there’s no room for any new ones. You have negative or distracting thoughts that are currently occupying your mind. Maybe you’re suffering from information overload. When I write down the thoughts that are currently occupying my mind, it frees me up to be creative.

3. Exercise

Giving your brain a rest by exercising and changing the scenery helps to re-energize yourself. My most creative moments happen when I go for a run, it gets the heart pumping, sends blood to the brain, and frees up my mind to be creative. When I come back from a run, I feel ready to tackle any problem that’s in front of me.

Keep a notebook or cell phone on you at all times, so when that inspirational idea hits you, you can write it down instead of forgetting about it later.

4. Get inspired by others

When you interact or surround yourself with positive people, it helps motivate yourself. For instance, you might listen to a TED talk on YouTube. You can watch a few videos from other channels in your niche to stimulate new ideas. You might interact with like-minded people in a Facebook group.

Click here to join my Facebook group…Tube Video Boot Camp. You’ll be able to engage with like-minded YouTube, and ask any questions. Another great place to get inspired is to go to Just enter a question in the search box, and it’ll give you a hundreds of suggestions.

5. Create focus blocks

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the task that you want to accomplish because you’re distracted by other things going on around you. If this happens, just focus for a short period of time like 5 or 10 minutes. It helps jumpstart the creative process, and often, you will keep going for another 30 minutes or an hour. If you have a large task to complete, then break it up into a series of time blocks.

6. Take breaks

When you feel burned out and lack of motivation, it might be time to recharge your batteries and take a break. It might be a sign that you need to take one or two days off, or even take a longer vacation. For long breaks, over to the beach, go fishing, or go on a hike. If it’s the winter, I usually go skiing, taking breaks help to maintain mental agility.

7. Reward yourself

Instead of moving on to the next big thing after you’ve completed a big task, reward yourself. This helps prevent burnout so you can continue making more videos.

If you implement these seven tips, it’ll be easy to motivate yourself to make more videos. If you want to know how to stay motivated while growing your YouTube channel, click the card icon. It will help you to overcome the obstacles you’ll encounter along the way.

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