How To Promote Affiliate Products With YouTube Videos

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The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to worry about creating your own product or preparing marketing materials. Instead you simply choose from the hundreds of affiliate programs available and begin making money right away. This saves you a ton of time and money.

So how do you choose what type of affiliate programs to promote?

The best products are the ones that offer high commissions and don’t have much competition. For instance the ones I recommend are where you need to become a member so you have permission to promote their product. This means you receive at least 50% commissions and are only competing with other members in the program instead of the general public.

Example Case Study

I’m a member of Video iPhone Video Hero which offers a 50% commission to it’s members. I created a video review of iPhone Video Hero, uploaded it to YouTube then did some video optimization. It currently ranks on the first page of YouTube.

I highly recommend only promoting affiliate products you’ve purchased and used yourself so you can give an honest and thorough review.

What if you’re not a member of an affiliate program or have no products to promote?

There are 1000s of affiliate programs to promote however here are the 3 largest affiliate networks to select from:

  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction

If you’re unable to find an affiliate product to promote on any of these 3 networks enter “keyword+ affiliate program” in the Google search box. It will display affiliate companies related to your specific keyword.

Tips for Promoting Affiliate Products With YouTube Videos

1. Do keyword research first

Use the Google Keyword Tool to find all keyword phrases related to the affiliate product your promoting then include all of them in your tags when optimizing your video. This increases the chances of your video ranking for multiple keywords.

2. Create a video series

Instead of just creating one YouTube video to promote your affiliate program, create a series of videos that target different keywords and different video categories. For example sometimes a video will rank better in the “education” category rather than in the “how-to” category.

3. Utilize video thumbnails

When there is fierce competition in a specific niche it becomes more difficult to stand out from your competitors even if you rank on the first page of Google and/or YouTube. When creating a video thumbnail make sure the image size is at least 640×360 pixels and includes the title within the image. This makes it easy to read and stand out from other videos when it appears in the Google search results.

4. Boost rankings with backlinks

Most of the time you can attain first page rankings in YouTube by simply optimizing your videos correctly however if you’re in a very competitive niche you’ll need to do some extra work by getting other websites to link to your video (backlinking). To begin the process announce the video on your social media sites, embed it on your blog then get others to promote it on their web properties.

Another method is to purchase a link building gig on Fiver for $5.00. This frees up time to create more videos and generate quicker profits.

Take Action

Select one affiliate product related to your niche, create the video then upload it to YouTube. Optimize it with your keywords and promote it using the methods described above. Repeat this process for every video you create so you can generate a consistent stream of traffic to your opt-in page or blog.

Learn how to create professional videos just using your iPhone by watching my iPhone Video Hero Review on YouTube

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