How To Remove Recommended Videos On YouTube Homepage

How do you get rid of recommended videos that you don’t want to see on the YouTube home screen?

Thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day that appear in the recommended section on the YouTube home page at

Watch the video below to discover how to remove recommended videos from the YouTube home screen so that YouTube will only recommend videos that are more relevant to your interests.

Here’s how to remove arecommended video you no longer want to see in the recommended section on the YouTube home screen.

  • Go to the recommended section on your YouTube homepage
  • Click the three dots, next t a video
  • Click not interested. It says, “Video removed.” You can undo it or you can tell us why.
  • If I refresh the page you can see that the video is now gone.
  • If I remove two videos from the same channel, that channel will no longer be recommended to me.

    What if I see a section of videos from the whole channel?
  • Click the X which says not interested YouTube says, “Got it we’ll tune your recommendations.” Now, I no longer see those recommended videos.

Another way to remove the recommended videos is to clear your search and watch history.

  • Click the history tab when you’re signed in to
  • Make sure you check the icon next to watch history.
  • Click clear all watch history. This will clear watch history and your YouTube watch history will be cleared from all YouTube apps on all devices.

    Your video recommendations will be reset but may still be influenced by activity on other Google products.
  • Click clear watch history. Now, it says, “This list has no videos.”
  • To clear search, history. Click the icon next to the search history.
  • Click clear all search history says, “Your YouTube search history will be cleared from all YouTube apps on all devices.

    Your video recommendations will reset but will still be influence on activity on other Google products
  • Click clear search history. Now it says, “Your search history is empty.”

    I can also pause search history.
    It says, “Pausing YouTube search history means that future searches will not appear in your search history and will not be used to provide improved recommendations. Remember pausing the setting doesn’t delete any previous activity, but you can view edit and delete your private YouTube search history data anytime.”
  • Click pause. Now it says, “This list has no videos.”

    Let’s go back to Now, you can see that the recommended section on my home screen has been removed.

    If you still got some recommended videos and recommended channels on the home screen click the X, which is not interested. YouTube says, “They’ll tune your recommendations.”

Now, I won’t see any more recommended videos based upon the ones I’ve just removed.

Just keep in mind that once you remove the recommended videos there’s no way to undo the changes.

Here’s how to remove a recommended video from your watch history on an iPhone or iPad.

  • Tap the YouTube app go to the home screen of the YouTube app.
  • Tap library.
  • Tap history.
  • To remove an individual video. Tap the three dots.
  • Tap remove from watch history.
  • To clear a pause, your watch history. Tap the three dots at the top of the menu.
  • Tap history controls.
  • Tap clear watch history then tap clear watch history again.

If you want to clear search history. Tap clear search history then tap clear search history.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when removing recommended videos from your home screen.

  1. YouTube will recommend videos based upon your new browsing history after you’ve removed your recommended videos they’ll take some time for YouTube to recommend new videos based upon your browsing history.
  2. If you share a YouTube account with someone else you’ll see recommendations based upon both of your interests.
  3. If you’ve been offline or lost your internet connection after pausing your watch history YouTube recommends checking your watch so your history appears as you expect. As I showed you before you can delete any videos that appear in your history.
  4. If you signed out of YouTube you’ll see videos based upon the popularity in your country. As you watch more videos you’ll see more personalized suggestions.

    Now that you know how to remove recommended videos from YouTube home screen, how do you stop the recommendations at the end of YouTube embed?

    No worries. Just watch my next video on how to stop unrelated videos from appearing at the end of YouTube embed so only videos from your old channel appear.

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