How to Repurpose Info Products – Part 2

For Part 1 read How to Repurpose Info Products – Part 1

5. Become an expert

If you create content for your niche that is then repurposed, reformatted you will soon be seen as the expert in your field. The best way to do this is to choose a niche that is not too competitive but is very popular.

6. Boost web traffic and visitors

Re-purposing content will increase the number of people who will interact with your products thus you will make more sales. You can increase traffic by creating a forum, blog and marketing to the search engines. The idea is to get your product in front of the people in your niche. ie if they are hanging out in myspace web sites then go there to interact with them.

7. Create a community

Once you have attracted lots of visitors, you can invite people to become affiliates. A team of affiliates will rapidly increase your sales because they are motivated to make money for themselves through selling your products. Be sure to treat them like business associates so they will be motivated to keep selling.

Tip 1

The best way to get started with re-purposing content is to create the content yourself because you will then have the copyright to it. Don’t use other people’s content for yourself because this would be an infringement of copyright. All content created on the web is automatically copyright protected.

Once you start making enough money to sustain yourself, you can start outsourcing your content creation.

Tip 2

Add bonuses to increase the quality of your products


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  1. I think to to be success full in 6th step you should be better in 5th step that is be an expert means to create good content and that is so important. And liked the tips too, i think these are good tips for those who are at starting stage. good post. Cheers..

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