How To See YouTube Shorts & Reach New Audiences (Top 5 Ways)

YouTube shorts is a great way to reach new audiences on YouTube who haven’t seen your content before.
In the video below, you’ll learn how to see YouTube shorts and interact with them.

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Here are 5 ways to see YouTube shorts

YouTube Home Screen
– Tap the homescreen (bottom left of YouTube App)
– In the YouTube app, scroll down under the title of shorts beta. You can see all the shorts videos and you can just scroll through them.

Shorts Icon
The second way you can view YouTube shorts is tap the shorts icon at the bottom of the screen.
– If you tap the three dots, there you can see the description if you tap on description.
– If you tap report, you can report the video for sexual content, violent or repulsive content et cetera.
– If you tap send feedback, they can send feedback to YouTube, and you can cancel.
– You can also like the video, dislike the video, and if you tap share, you can share it on social media sites.
– If you can tap the icon at the bottom right, they can see all the other shorts that are using the sound.
– If you want to use the sound, you can tap “use this sound”. Now I can just use a sound for my next short video.
– If you want to subscribe to this channel, just tap subscribe.

Subscription Feed
The third way you can see YouTube shorts is from the subscription feed on the YouTube app. You can recognize a short video because it has a short icon on it.

YouTube Channel Home Page
The fourth way you can see YouTube short videos is from a YouTube channel homepage. When you scroll down you’ll see all your shorts videos displayed on the short shelf.

Here’s how to add a shorts section to your YouTube channel homepage.
– Click customization on YouTube studio,
– click Add section.
– Click short videos.
– Now you can see the short section has been added to my channel homepage. I
– f I want to remove it, just click the three dots and select remove.

Here’s a short section that’s been added to my YouTube channel homepage. If I want to move the sections around on my YouTube channel homepage, I can just click on the icon at the left and you just drag it to the top or to the bottom.

Top Traffic Sources
The fifth way you can see YouTube shorts is in your top traffic sources such as browse features, YouTube shorts, your shorts feed, suggested videos, and external which could be Google search. This means your short videos will contribute to the growth of your channel.

The beauty of YouTube shorts is that viewers can watch your short videos while they’re out and about just using their phones. It can be a separate viewing experience or watching regular videos.

Here’s an important thing to keep in mind.
YouTube only sends notifications to viewers that are regularly watching short videos, so make sure you hit the subscribe button and click the bell notification icon to get notifications from my channel for new shorts and regular videos.

What if you don’t want to see shorts on your phone because they’re distracting or annoying?

Here’s how to disable YouTube shorts on the YouTube app.
– Go to the short section on the YouTube app.
– Tap the three dots on the video.
– Tap on not interested.
– Repeat the process for all the short videos that are on the shorts section.
– After you’ve removed all short videos, you’ll no longer see the shorts section on the YouTube app.

If you want to know a quick and easy way to post shorts on YouTube channel just using your phone, watch this video on the screen right now. You’ll learn how to create a YouTube short on the YouTube app whether you have an iPhone or Android device.

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