How To Share Multiple Links On Instagram Bio

How can I share multiple links on my Instagram bio that go to my free download, go to my latest YouTube video, my YouTube channel and my YouTube marketing course, when Instagram only allows one clickable link on the Instagram bio?

In the video below you’ll discover a clever app you can use plus how to create your own landing page where you can display multiple links. I’ll also discuss the pros and cons of the different options.

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  1. Linktree
    Here’s how Linktree works….
    They give you a link to put in your Instagram bio and when you click on it, it shows multiple links on the page.
    – go to Linktree,
    – click sign Up free,
    – enter your information. Or if you already have an Instagram account, just click sign up with Instagram. It says hi video boot camp Linktree is requesting to do the following, access your basic information,
    – click Authorize. It says get started, we just need to confirm a few details, you’ll be managing your links no time.
    Here’s my Linktree address, my name, I’m going to put on my email. Tell us about yourself, select three categories that best describe your link, creative, influencer, business professional.
    – Check I’m not a robot.
    – I agree to Linktree’s Terms of Service details and select the plans.
    – The free plan includes get unlimited links on your Linktree, see the turnover of times each link has been clicked. See lifetime views on your Linktree, pick from a selection of luxury themes, upload your own profile image Amazon influencer program integration.

    I think this suits most people that want to get Linktree.

    – Alternatively, you can pay $6 per month to get lifetime clicks and views, see daily clicks and views, capture visitors’ email address, removes the Linktree logo. See day-by-day breakdown of link traffic, customization of your colors. Change the title of your Linktree, temporarily send visitors to one link with leap links.

    I don’t need that so I’m just going to go with the free version

    – Click Continue with Free. Thanks for signing up, verify your account. – Verify your Linktree email address.
    – Click verify email. Your account has been verified, continue. It says start by creating your first link.
    – Click the button to add one.
    – Click add new link
    – Put the link in there,
    – click add new link.
    – I have an option to get Linktree Pro, which means I can have a thumbnail priority link and schedule. See link clicks with Pro.
    – Let’s add another link to put latest YouTube video or send people to my videos page.
    – I’m going to put a link to my YouTube channel.
    – I can also move the links around.
    – Now, I’ve got the links named download free YouTube audit. Latest YouTube videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel.
    – I can also click on settings to upload an avatar, which will be my face.
    – I can also select a different theme if I wish from the theme options
    – After I’ve customized everything it says put this URL in your Instagram profile.
    – I’m going to copy the link.
    – I’m going to go to Instagram, click Edit Profile where it says website and it changes to my Linktree link. Click Submit. This is how Linktree looks on my phone (see video).
    – If I tap the link in my Instagram bio, it takes me to my Linktree landing page.
  2. Personal landing page.
    – If I tap on the link in the bio to my personal landing page, I can see my latest video, latest blog post, YouTube channel, YouTube course and landing page download for the free YouTube channel audit.
    – If I tap on latest video, get my latest video at the top of the screen.
    – If I tap on latest blog post, it takes me to my latest blog post on my website.
    – If I tap on YouTube channel, it takes me to my YouTube channel.
    – If I tap on YouTube course, it takes me to a landing page of my YouTube course.
    – If I tap on download free YouTube channel audit, it takes me to my landing page.
    – I’ve got one link in my Instagram bio, it that takes me to a page where I can share multiple links. If I want to change any of those links, I can just go into my web page and change them. I don’t have to go to Instagram.

    Let me show you how to quickly create a landing page for my instagram bio…
    – install the Thrive Architect plugin (click here to watch my review)
    – Log into your website,
    – click dashboard,
    – click install plugins. See I’ve got the Thrive Architect plugin installed. – I’m going to go to pages, add new, add a title.
    – Add a title,
    – under page attributes, select landing.
    – Click Save Draft,
    – click Launch Thrive Architect.
    – Click the plus icon which is add element.
    – Scroll down to the bottom,
    – click style as box. I get a bunch of templates here.
    – I’m going to choose this fancy resource boxes.
    – Click on that,
    – click Choose template.
    – You can just change the title on these like latest YouTube video.
    – To add the link, just click on the button and it says button link here.
    – I put my link in there.

    Now, I’ve got a link from my latest YouTube video, and you can do the same for YouTube channel, your landing page, your course et cetera.

    Perhaps, you only want three links, so you just eliminate one of the boxes by clicking on the trash icon.

    After you’ve done all that, just click Save work. Now, you can preview the page by seeing how it looks on a tablet, phone or desktop.

What are the pros and cons of Linktree?
Pros of Linktree
– Easy to set up,
– share multiple links,
– track for using clicks with a paid option.

Cons of Linktree
– Not on your own domain name,
– unable to include your own branding,
– not free if you upgrade to the pro option.

What are the pros and cons of having a personal landing page?
Pros of personal landing page
– You own domain name,
– customize as you wish,
– include your own branding.
– You own the URL so you’re not taking people off site, viewers know they’re going to the right place.

Cons of personal landing page
– you need a website or a blog and
– need to install the Thrive Active plugin.
– You also need web hosting for your website. If you already have a WordPress website or blog, then you can easily install the Thrive Architect plugin. You can also use it to quickly and easily create hundreds of landing pages.

Let me ask you a question...
What methods do you use to share your links on Instagram?
Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

Did you know you can also share a clickable link of YouTube video or YouTube channel on IGTV?

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If you want a grow your YouTube Channel so you can attract more views and subscribers, pick up a copy of my 100+ page YouTube Marketing Guide

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