How to Write Effective Articles to Generate Website Traffic

If you want to build a profitable online business you need to generate lots of traffic to your website then convert that traffic into buyers. There are many ways to attract website visitors however writing articles is one of the most effective methods.

Before you sit down to write an article there are 2 important things you must satisfy to make it effective.

1. Readers

If a person values the content you write they’ll want to pass it on to their friends by linking to it or using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

2. Search engines

If you include the right keywords in your content people will find your articles in the search engines. This is free traffic that flows continuously to your website.

How to Write Effective Articles to Generate Website Traffic

1. Keyword research

Use the free Google Keyword Research Tool to create a list of related keywords that receive 1000s of searches each month. For example if your main keyword is “website design” enter it in the search box then click search. It will spit out up to 100 related keyword phrases. Now you have 100 ideas for generating 100 new articles.

2. Create a captivating title

Your title is the first thing a visitor sees. If it doesn’t grab their attention they won’t read the rest of the article. Use action verbs (i.e. get, discover, how, etc) or questions to make your article stand out from similar articles.

3. Weave keywords into your content

Include your main keyword phrase in the title and variations of it throughout the rest of your content so search engines will index your article. Don’t just stuff keywords all over the place but do it naturally so the content makes sense to your readers.

4. Point out the most pressing problem

Use the introductory paragraph to emphasize the main problem surrounding your topic. This will peak the curiosity of your readers and want them to continue reading to find out the answers.

5. Provide several solutions

Use the main body of your article to give several solutions to the problem mentioned in your introductory paragraph. Write a paragraph for each tip using numbers or bullet points to make the content easy to read.

6. Write in a conversational tone

Write as if you are having a conversation with the person sitting opposite you. Boring content will cause your visitors to lose their attention.

7. Create a powerful resource box

This is where you create a call to action. If you want to capture the reader’s email address to follow up with them later offer an incentive such as downloading a free report in exchange for their email address.

Your resource box is also a great place to include a link back to your website (backlink). Create 2 backlinks…anchor text (hyperlinked text)and your full website address so if anyone copies and pastes your article the full URL will remain intact.

Don’t make the mistake of placing your credentials before your call to action as most people are more interested in what else you have to offer than reading about your qualifications.

8. Proof read your content

Check for spelling and grammar mistakes by reading the article out loud to yourself or getting someone else to read it. Run it through a spell checker. Ezinearticles automatically checks for overuse of keywords in the content as well as spelling mistakes otherwise it will be rejected.

9. Publish on your own website

If you want to generate traffic from the search engines to your website publish it on your own website or blog first. Google only ranks the first article it indexes.

10. Submit to the top article directories

If you’ve already submitted your original article to your own website rewrite a portion of it before submitting it to Ezinearticles (the top article directory on the web). Alternatively submit it to Ezinearticles first. Make sure it gets accepted and published before publishing it to other article directories.

Bonus Tip
To generate even more website traffic convert your article to video and submit it to video sharing websites (i.e. YouTube) or create a podcast and submit it to podcast directories.

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