InTelliPlayer Review – Increase sales & subscribers using other people’s videos

One of the biggest problems with YouTube is that you can’t add buy buttons, opt-in forms, tap to call buttons, etc on your videos. This typically results in losing a lot of potential sales or subscribers. The main purpose of your video is for visitors to take action & ideally do it while they are watching it. The less steps they need to take the higher the conversion rates.

So what is InTelliPlayer?

Watch the video below..

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InTelliPlayer is web-based software that enables you to quickly and easily add multiple calls to action to any video whether it’s from YouTube, Vimeo or Amazon S3.

Here are some of the main features of InTelliPlayer:

  • Cloud-based so nothing to download
  • Mobile-friendly so all your videos will display correctly on mobile phones
  • Ability to add opt-in forms on other peoples videos
  • Ability to embed buy buttons directly on your videos
  • Ability to add tap to call, tap to skype & even tap to email
  • Ability to loop videos
  • Measure performance with video analytics
  • Use a SmartBed plugin to convert all videos on WordPress to Intellplayer videos
  • Browser bookmarklet to quickly grab YouTube videos from within your browser
  • Integrates with YouTube, Vimeo & Amazon S3
  • Ultimate version creates unlimited projects, unlimted videos & use unlimited templates
  • No monthly fees
  • 60 day money-back guarantee

Here are just some ways to use Intelliplayer:
Generate sales

  • Add a buy button to redirect visitors to purchase a product
  • Add redirect text or button to redirect viewers to a sales video
  • Advertise specials by adding a discount coupon in the video
  • Tap to call to get visitors to call from their mobile phone

List Building

  • Add opt-in field to get visitors to opt-in to your list while watching the video
  • Add tap to email to get visitors to email while watching the video
  • Add tap to call so visitors can call while watching the video

Should you purchase InTelliPlayer?

For me this was a “no brainer” purchase because it makes it easier for viewers to immediately subscribe, call, email, or purchase right within your video. If there are less steps to get people to take action then you’ll increase sales & subscribers.

Click here to get InTelliPlayer NOW!

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