Keyword Analysis Research – How to find the best keywords for your web content

Ok, you’ve created your keyword list and found related keywords using the keyword research tool WordTracker. The best keywords to use for content on your web site are ones that are very popular (high number of searches) and have low competition (small number of competing sites).

To illustrate how this works I’ll enter the general keyword “T-Shirts” into WordTracker. It produces a count of 1146. This means there were 1146 searches for this term over the last 90 days from the major search engines. The predict number is 2021. This is the maximum total predicted traffic for all of the major search engines/pay per bids and directories for this day.

Here’s the list WordTracker produced when doing a deeper search:

t-shirts 1146 2021
t-shirt 805 1420
funny t-shirts 622 1097
custom t-shirts 375 661
christian t-shirts 185 326
t-shirt designs 180 317
blank t-shirts 147 259
t-shirt design 146 257
japanese t-shirt 145 256
wholesale t-shirts 139 245
white t-shirt 126 222
vintage t-shirts 123 217
white t-shirts 111 196
cool t-shirts 102 180
rolling stones t-shirts 102 180

The keyword “custom t-shirts” would be a good choice because the web site I am optimizing “Wild Lily Designs” sells custom t-shirts.


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