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landing page examples

Ebooks are a great way to make money on the Net because they are easy to write and deliver, plus you keep 100% of the profits if you write it yourself. The most difficult part is designing the landing page and writing the sales copy.

Landing Page Examples

Ebook Sales Page

Click on the image at the left to view an example of an ebook sales page. This landing page is built into my main website. The reason I did it this way was to capitalize on the traffic generated by my web design site since it receives over 60,000 unique visitors each month (last time I checked). This helps get the landing page indexed almost immediately by the search engines and gain high rankings (it’s currently ranking No 2 on Google for “website promotion” out of 15 million results).

The main goal of this example landing page is to get visitors to purchase the ebook so it can help drive traffic to their websites.

White space
Notice I’ve used plenty of white space between all the elements on the page so its easy on the eyes. A cluttered page is difficult to read.

Bullet points
These help break up the content on the page (including headlines, sub-headlines). Most visitors will scan (not read) the content so use bullet points to help them easily grasp the main ideas.

Page width
Notice the narrow width of the web page. A wide width makes your eyes tired and cause visitors to leave. A narrow width enables you to quickly scan the content.

Multiple colors
Notice the page has a blue background, the main title has bold white letters on a dark blue background and the main sub-heading large bold red letters. Use different colors to draw attention to specific elements on the page. Make sure the colors compliment each other.

Web Copy

Powerful headline
The headline “101 Highly Effective Strategies to Promote Your Website” instantly tells visitors what to expect and the benefits they’ll receive. It’s main purpose is to get the person to read the rest of the page.

Subheading 1
The sub-headline under the title “How to immediately drive thousands of NEW visitors to your website “ supports the main title by providing another benefit.

Subheading 2
The subheading “Powerful Promotion Strategies That Will Instantly Increase Your Website Traffic” is written in a different color (bold red) with large font to keep the attention of the visitor on the page.

Subheading 3
This subheading again emphasizes another benefit. Notice that all main benefits are “above the fold” (top of the computer screen) so people can read them immediately without scrolling down.

Ebook graphic
The professional image of the ebook immediately attracts attention and supports the content of the heading and subheadings.

Main content
This starts off with on a personal note “Dear Friend” as if you were writing a personal letter to your reader. It points out one of the main problems (“don’t waste time researching the Net…”) then offers a solution by saying “I’ve done all the research for you…”

The main components of the web copy include:

  • who the ebook is for
  • what you will learn
  • about the author
  • why you should believe the author
  • the author’s commitment
  • bonuses
  • price
  • guarantee

When people read a testimonial about another person’s positive experience with your ebook, it sends a powerful message to the reader that they also will have the same experience.

Order links
Order links are included throughout the web copy so the visitor can purchase anytime. Not all people will read the entire web copy. Some will want to buy right away so include a payment link near the top of the page.

These are offered to help people decide to buy the product. 3 bonus ebooks are offered on this page that compliment the main product. Each bonus ebook contains many pages of helpful information. The main purpose of bonuses is to over-deliver so it will be a no-brainer to order the ebook.

The purpose of a strong guarantee is to remove objections. Making it easy to receive a refund removes the barriers to purchase. I used Clickbank as the online payment provider. It offers a 90 day money-back guarantee.

Links are located at the bottom of the page so visitors are not distracted while reading the content. A “Join My Affiliate Program” link was included so buyers and non-buyers can make 50% commissions from selling the ebook themselves.

Links to the ebook page were placed on other pages of the main website (internal links) so search engines could easily find the ebook sales page resulting in driving immediate traffic and generating continuous sales.

And now I’d like to invite you to get your own copy of:
101 Highly Effective Strategies to Promote Your Web Site


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