Profit Canvas Review | All-In-One Web-Based Page Creator Builds Pages Anywhere At Anytime

Let me ask you a question…do you want to quickly and easily build web pages without installing WordPress or paying high priced monthly fees (e.g. Lead Pages, Click Funnels)?

Well, now you can with Profit Canvas Software because it’s web-based and after you’ve built your pages you can host them for free on their servers.

Here’s a quick demonstration of how Profit Canvas
will help your business…

Here’s the demo page I created with the software

Here are some of the top benefits
1. Saves time
You can build a nice looking landing page, squeeze page or opt-in page within 30 minutes. Compare this to installing WordPress with it’s 100s of files, plugins and constant security issues (because its used my millions).

2. Ease of use
To build a beautiful page you just have to drag and drop the elements on the page. You can also move any of the elements on the page by just dragging them to their correct position.

3. Create professional-looking pages
You have 75 ready-to-go templates to choose from and you can easily modify them to suit your business. The built-in dashboard enables you to easily add buttons, widgets, text, images, paypal buttons, clip art, videos, opt-in forms, etc.

4. Multiple ways to host your pages
After you’ve finished creating your page you can use the URL the software to host unlimited pages for free on their servers. A second option is to copy the iframe code and insert it into a blank page. The third option is to download the zipped files and upload them to your own server using your own domain.

Here’s what’s included with Profit Canvas…
(The page builder is only one small component)

* Add lower third call-to-actions on any video
* Redirect any video to where ever you want
* Add an opt-in form to any video
* Add A PayPal / JVZoo Buy button within any video
* Include a countdown timer within any video.
* Create live webinar pages (integrates with Google Hangouts)
* Add beautiful pop-ups to any website
* Step-by-step video training (40 video tutorials)
* Unlimited resell rights to 4 great products
* Free Lifetime Hosting of your pages

Who is it for?

  • Internet Marketers
  • Website Designers
  • Product Creators
  • Anyone who wants to start a business from scratch
  • Local Marketers who need to advertise their business
  • Mobile Marketers who want to build mobile friendly pages
    for their customers

Here’s a price comparison of the 3 most popular web page builders


click funnels pricing


lead pages pricing


optimize press pricing

Click here to get Profit Canvas Now at:

Here are 7 ways I’m using Profit Canvas right now
1. Testing different opt-in squeeze pages
2. Create landing pages for YouTube Video Ads
3. Create quick review pages to promote affiliate products
4. Create bonus pages for promoting affiliate offers
5. Adding pop-up buttons and opt-in forms on my videos
6. Using the free software products to build my list of subscribers
7. Accessing the video tutorials when I need to brush up my marketing

Here are a couple of limitations I found when using the software..
1. If I make a mistake (ie spelling) I’m unable to revert back to the original text.
2. Unable to clone text or images I want to reuse on the same page.

My Recommendation
I’ve been a professional web designer since 2000 when I coded web pages manually. It took many hours to create a simple page. Later on I started using Front Page then Dreamweaver design software for creating websites for local businesses. Now I primarily use WordPress to create full scale websites and use Profit Canvas for building landing pages, squeeze pages, bonus pages, etc.

The beauty of Profit Canvas is you’ve got all the tools you need to run a business online such as creating and marketing a profitable product.

Click here to get Profit Canvas Now at:

Landing Page Monkey Review – Create Stunning, High Converting Landing Pages On The Fly Using Web-based Software

The video below is a review of landing page monkey…web-based software
that allows you to build landing pages on the fly.

Click here to get Landing Page Monkey NOW!

Here’s a landing page that I created within a few minutes…

Here are some of the top features of Landing Page Monkey:

  • It’s web-based so you can build landing pages anywhere at anytime as long as you have wi-fi
  • There’s no coding needed…you just click a few buttons and preview your creation
  • It’s mobile responsive so your landing page will look good on any device
  • There’s no yearly fees for example lead pages costs $477.00 per year whereas landing page monkey only costs a one time fee
  • It hosts all the pages for you so there are no hosting fees
  • You can use stunning video backgrounds which increase click through rates

Let’s take inside the members area of landing
page monkey to create a squeeze page.

  • Click “create page”
  • Step 1. Page styling
  • Give your landing page a name you’ve got “test 1” here
  • Give it a background color
  • Add background end color
  • Box animation you’ve got different box animations here
  • Page background color
  • Background image…one of the bonuses includes 100 background images
  • You can also use a video for your background
  • Simply upload the background to YouTube then place your URL in the box
  • Get a button background
  • Change the button text color
  • You can also link to a URL
  • You’ve got a submit button text
  • Step 2 page content
  • You can add your own logo
  • You can embed your own video here
  • Put your embed code in the box
  • You can enter headline text bold, italisize or underline
  • You’ve got sub-headline text
  • You can edit your main text
  • Step 3 You’ve got Autoresponder Integration
  • Enter your autoresponder code in the box here
  • Once you’re done click “preview” to preview your page
  • Click “save” to save your page then download the html
  • You can copy the link
  • You can also copy and paste the tracking pixel to put on your final confirmation page
  • You can also export the landing page and you can share your page on social media accounts
  • You also have the ability to track your stats
  • You can clone your page
  • You can edit your page

Here’s a landing page I created within a few minutes…

My favorite feature is that I can build
high converting landing pages on the fly.

Grab your copy of landing page monkey now so you can build high converting landing pages no matter where you are at the beach or at home.

Click the link below this video to get landing page monkey now

Video Landing Page Benefits – Top 7

video sales page
The main purpose of a landing page is to attract attention and get the visitor to purchase your product or subscribe to your opt in form. The disadvantage of written content is that it only appeals to people that wish to read web copy. It’s easy for the visitor to get bored and doesn’t engage the senses unless you hire an expensive copywriter. Many people don’t bother to read a long sales page and quickly leave because they become are uninterested.

Top 7 Benefits of a Video Landing Page

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Landing Page Examples – Squeeze Page

landing page design

Most visitors to your landing page won’t buy the product the first time they read about it. Some will scan the information then intend to return later and others may want to think about it. A few people will purchase the product right away because it’s exactly what they want or need while others may be impulse buyers (they just got to have it).

What is a squeeze page?

It’s main purpose is to capture contact information of the person visiting your web page so you can follow up with them later via an autoresponder. The autoresponder sends a series of follow-up messages at pre-determined intervals to remind the person about your product and get them to purchase it. It usually takes 7-10 follow-up messages before a person will decide to buy.

The squeeze page typically contains an opt-in form to capture name and email address as shown in the example squeeze page above “Mining Your Opt-In List.”

Example Squeeze Page


The design of this page is very simple. It doesn’t contain links at the top (only at the bottom) to distract visitors while reading the content. It uses plenty of white space to focus the person on the web copy.

Web Copy

The content is not as extensive as an ebook sales page because you only want to capture contact information.

Bold Headline
The large red bold headline is used to immediately capture the attention of your visitors. It should stress the main benefit of your product and include your main keywords.

Content body
Break up the main content by using bullet points to make the page easy to read. Focus primarily on the other benefits of your product (what’s in it for me?).

Opt-in form
Make it easy for people to subscribe by only asking for name and email address. Some marketers only ask for email however test it for your yourself to determine what works best. To install the opt-in code on your web page sign up for a reliable autoresponder service.

Read my Review of YMLP for professional email marketing software

This software allows you to set up multiple autoresponders and track how many people actually viewed your email messages. They’ll also provide the html code to copy and paste into your web page.

Privacy Policy
If you’re collecting personal information from your website visitors you need to include a privacy policy page. It’s primary purpose is to say you’re not going to spam your subscribers and it also meets the legal requirements.

Contact Us
Provide a way for visitors to contact you. The link on this squeeze page immediately opens your email box so you can send a direct email. Alternatively you could create a contact page with a contact form.

Your squeeze page can either be a stand alone landing page or integrated in your main website as displayed in the example above.

Landing Page Examples
Ebook Sales Page

To receive a quote on landing page design please visit:
Custom Landing Page Design

Landing Page Examples – Ebook Sales Page

landing page examples

Ebooks are a great way to make money on the Net because they are easy to write and deliver, plus you keep 100% of the profits if you write it yourself. The most difficult part is designing the landing page and writing the sales copy.

Landing Page Examples

Ebook Sales Page

Click on the image at the left to view an example of an ebook sales page. This landing page is built into my main website. The reason I did it this way was to capitalize on the traffic generated by my web design site since it receives over 60,000 unique visitors each month (last time I checked). This helps get the landing page indexed almost immediately by the search engines and gain high rankings (it’s currently ranking No 2 on Google for “website promotion” out of 15 million results).

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Custom Landing Page Design — Top 7 reasons to hire a professional designer

landing page design

Read my previous articles on:

Landing Page Design Best Practices
Landing Page Types
Landing Page Marketing
Landing Page SEO
Landing Page Optimization
Landing Page Conversion

Even though a landing page is easy to design for a newcomer to Internet marketing it can be overwhelming to put all the pieces together. For instance you need to know how to register a domain name, change the name servers, set up a Web hosting account, understand how to transfer files using FTP software and learn how to use the WordPress backend administration panel to add, edit your content. Even if you manage to build your own landing you may not have the confidence it’s professional enough to launch it to the public. If this is the case it’s better to invest in custom landing page design.

Top 7 reasons to hire a professional designer to design your landing page

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Landing Page Conversion: 7 strategies to improve conversion rates

The primary goal of your landing page is for visitors to take action such as clicking on the order button instead of just visiting your site and leaving. It’s not enough to just slap up a landing page, some web copy and hope for the best. It requires a lot of thought and continuous testing if you want to make the most money from your website.

Landing Page Conversion Rates — what do they mean?

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Landing Page Marketing: How to generate traffic with article marketing in 10 steps

article marketing strategies

In my previous articles I discussed landing page optimization and my top 7 link building tips, 2 crucial components for marketing your landing page. Instead of focusing on multiple traffic generation strategies it’s good practice to master one of them before moving on to the next. On you most effective ways to market your landing page is by writing unique articles and submitting them to the top article directories. If you do this on a consistent basis you’ll receive a steady stream of traffic to your landing page.

The Top 3 Benefits of Article Marketing

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Landing Page SEO – Top 7 Link Building Tips

link building tips

In my last article I discussed the Top 7 ways to optimize your landing page. This is only one aspect of Landing Page SEO. The other crucial step is link building often called Off Page SEO. Even though your landing page may be highly optimized for the search engines by including keywords throughout the content it won’t gain good rankings if it doesn’t have any incoming links pointing to the page. The number and quality of links will determine how high your website will rank.

Top 7 ways to build links to your landing page

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Landing Page Optimization – Top 7 Steps

landing page optimization
If you want people to find your landing page in the search engines it first needs to be optimized. This means your page must contain keywords people are searching on to get found. If you spend hours writing persuasive copy but doesn’t include the keywords people would use to find your site you won’t attain good rankings in the search engines.

7 Steps for landing page optimization

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