How To Make Your Own YouTube End Card Template With

YouTube usually shows default related videos at the end of your video but what if you want to redirect viewers to your own videos?

Adding an end card template to each of your videos increases watch time because it keeps viewers engaged with your own video content. Watch time is one of YouTube’s top ranking factors so adding an end card that includes your related videos will improve your rankings on YouTube and Google.

Here are the steps to make your own end
card template using

Watch the video below…

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  • Go to
  • Select the pixlr editor
  • Click “launch web app”
  • Click “create new image”
  • From the drop down box select “movie 1080p”
  • Click OK
  • Now we want to add a a few more layers
  • Let’s choose a different background color
  • Click on the drawing tool
  • Click on the color picker-we’ll select red
  • Click ok
  • Click the paint bucket icon, position it in middle of the background image to change it to red
  • Let’s make a new layer
  • Go up to layer-new layer
  • Click the drawing tool
  • Create a large rectangle for the main video
  • If you want to move it around just click the move tool
  • Let’s select another layer
  • Layer-new layer
  • Click the drawing tool again
  • Make a small rectangle for one of your related videos
  • Here you can see layer can also move this around wherever you like
  • Now we do the same for the next 2 related videos
  • Layer-new layer-drawing tool
  • Create a second related video…layer-new layer
  • Create a third related video…layer-new layer
  • And you can move the layer around whereever you like
  • Let’s create a subscribe button in the blank background space
  • Go to layer-new layer
  • Click drawing tool
  • Select the rounded rectangle tool
  • Here’s your rounded rectangle
  • Let’s change it to a different color
  • Click on the color picker let’s select orange
  • Click ok
  • Click the paint bucket icon and click in the middle of the rectangle
  • Now you have a rounded orange rectangle
  • Let’s add the subscribe text to the box
  • Click “A”
  • Click in the center of the box
  • We’ve got the subscribe box
  • We are going to enlarge that a bit
  • Change the color..let’s change it to white, bold it, center it, make it a little bigger
  • Click ok
  • Now we’ve completed our end card image
  • You can move any of the rectangular boxes around by clicking on the layers
  • For instance if you want to move layer 4 use the move tool
  • To save the image click file-save give it a name
  • We’ll call this “end card”
  • You can save this as a jpeg, png, bmp, tiff or pxd which is the layered pixlr image
  • I’d save as PXD initally so you’d have the layered pixlr image in case you want to change it in the future
  • In this case we’re going to save it as JPEG
  • Click OK
  • Save it to your desktop

Make sure you watch this video to learn how to add your end card template to Screenflow (video editing software).


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