My Article Marketing Formula

My Article Marketing Formula
Writing and publishing articles is a highly effective method to attract a constant stream of traffic to your web site. Approximately 85% of people never go beyond 10 articles. This means that most people give up because they don’t see the fruits of their labors.

Receiving traffic from your articles occurs over time as they appear in article directories, search engines, web sites and ezines. Your web traffic may start with a trickle of visitors then increases as more articles get published.

My Article Marketing Formula

1. Create well written content

Place yourself in your customers shoes so you can think from their perspective instead of your own. Ask yourself what are their wants, needs and desires? Don’t worry about your article having perfect grammar and sentence structure. Just make sure it reads well and has no spelling mistakes then submit it for publication. It’s better to write more articles than to spend hours trying to perfect your article.

2. Make a plan

Without following a clear article marketing plan you are bound to fail. Decide how many articles you will write and submit each week then stick to it. If you can only commit to one article per week do that however it will take a long time to build substantial traffic. Try to commit or build up to 3 articles per week. This will generate over 150 articles per year. The beauty of this strategy is that they’ll keep working for you for years to come without touching them. It’s like getting free advertising.

3. Generate continuous traffic

One article is like having an employee that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year without getting tired or complaining. The more articles you write the more employees you will have working for you. As your articles get published all over the Web your traffic will continue to increase and it won’t stop even if you take a break.

Instead of spending time and money on discovering the magic formula for generating traffic, focus on article marketing. It will cost you time but it will give a great return on your investment.

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