10 Steps To Promote Your YouTube Channel On Slideshare

promote YouTube Channel on Slideshare
Slideshare is a free social website which allows you to upload documents such as PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and videos as a presentation. This helps expand your audience by driving traffic to your YouTube channel, blog or website.

Top 5 Benefits of Slideshare

  • It’s one of the most popular document sharing sites on the web.
  • It receives 130 million page views and 60 million monthly visitors
  • It’s mobile compatible so your content can be viewed on any device
  • Your presentation can go viral if it’s popular enough to be featured on the home page
  • Add subscribers to your YouTube channel or increase video views

Slideshare Pro Plans

  • Basic Plan(Free) – ability to only upload Powerpoint
    presentations (no videos)
  • Silver Plan – upload 10 videos, capture 30 leads
  • Gold Plan – upload 20 videos, capture 75 leads

Sidebar: This tutorial shows how to utilize the basic plan to promote your YouTube channel or videos. It’s the side door approach.

10 Steps to Promote Your YouTube Channel On Slideshare

1. Create a Slideshare account at Slideshare.net by signing up with your LinkedIn or Facebook Account.

2. Optimize your account by filling out your personal profile information. This adds legitimacy to your account.

3. Create a document of your video transcript using OpenOffice.org or Powerpoint

4. Write a catchy title to grab the attention of your readers. Use a different title to your video so your Slideshare presentation can be ranked separately to your video. If you don’t have time just use the same title as your video.

5. Create a colorful, eye-catching image. Place it at the top of your presentation’s first page to capture the attention of your audience.

6. Include a call to action at the end of your document. For example ask visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel or download report. Make sure you include the full URL of your landing page because the basic plan doesn’t allow live links.

7. Convert the document to a PDF file. If using Open Office go to file – export as PDF.

8. Upload your document to Slideshare.net by clicking on the orange upload button

9. Optimize your document

  • Title – include keywords relative to your content
  • Description – include relevant keywords and add a link to your video URL
  • Tags – include up to 20 tags to make your document easily-searchable
  • Category – choose the appropriate category
  • Language – select the language of your document
  • Click Update

10. Promote your document by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress.com accounts. This will help expand your audience.

Build up your Slideshare account by uploading a document of your video content for every video you create. It will add a high quality external backlink to your YouTube channel plus generate more views to your videos.

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