Secure PHP Form Mail Script

Many form mail scripts are insecure these days due to the number of spambots, viruses etc that seem to render the scripts useless. Up until now I was using Jack’s PHP Form Mail Script for most web sites.

Since it has not been updated for a while it developed some nasty security flaws i.e. site owners were getting spammed
through their forms.

Based upon my google search recently I came across a Secure PHP Form Mail Script. The developer appears to keep it updated.

Here are some features of this Form Mailer Script:

  • A system to easily edit the form structure through the options without writing any code!
  • Easily rearrange form fields through settings
  • Valid HTML (if you move the CSS to the proper place)
  • Can choose one recipient, multiple recipients, or use a drop-down box to select
  • email and url validation
  • Image verification can be disabled if desired
  • Verification option for each field
  • Uses superglobals for secure form handling
  • Strips slashes from input if magic quotes are on
  • Extensive error checking
  • Checks for input length (in case form restrictions are bypassed)
  • Check for email header injections using the new line/return method
  • Image Verification (code must be typed in)
  • “Faked session” protection
  • An extra check for characters in injected headers
  • Can wraps email lines to 70 characters (to meet RFC specs)
  • Generates proper email headers
  • CSS-based form generation
  • Error message system
  • Can show indication of required fields
  • Can specify CSS class for each input independently

Here is a Secure Form Mailer Plugin For WordPress


  1. Thank for sharing, I will install this scripts in my feedback who is often spamed

  2. Is there a way to recieve a review of this?

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  6. First, I agree, Jack at Ultimate Form Mail has a problematic setup. Don’t use it!

    The problem with this other guy is he’s terrible communicator. He’s never responded to any of my questions, ever.

    Good luck.

  7. Great post..Keep them coming 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  8. You cannot believe how long ive been googling for something like this. Went through 6 pages of Google results couldnt find diddly squat. Very first page on Bing. There this is…. Really have to start using it more often!

  9. Glad you found the info Cristopher!

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