How To Sell Affiliate Products On YouTube In 5 Steps

So you want to generate passive income selling affiliate products but don’t know where to start. One of the most effective FREE methods is to use YouTube videos to generate traffic to an affiliate product to receive ongoing commissions.

Here are the 5 steps to use YouTube videos to sell affiliate products:

  1. Find an affiliate product to promote.
    Visit ClickBank, Commission Junction or JVZoo to find an affiliate product.
  2. Create a short review video.
    It should outline the benefits of the product and what problem it will solve.
  3. Create a call to action at the end of your video.
    Tell them where to go to get the product. For example “click on the link in the description below this video”. Use annotations in your video to encourage visitors to click on the link.
  4. Optimize your video to generate traffic.
    Add your main keywords in the title, description and tags of your video. Make sure you include your affiliate link of your product at the beginning of your description. Set your video to private before you get everything optimized.
  5. Publish and share your video.
    Change your setting from private to publish so everybody can see your video. Promote your video on social media channels by clicking on the links below the video.

That’s it!

Now you know how to sell affiliate products using YouTube videos.

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