How To Stop YouTube Autoplay On Firefox Or Chrome

Do you want to stop videos from playing automatically on YouTube?
How do you prevent the next video from playing automatically?

YouTube automatically starts playing any video that you select. When you get to the end of the video YouTube automatically starts playing the next one after 10 seconds based on your viewing history. This can be very annoying.

So how do can you stop YouTube videos from playing
automatically so it doesn’t bother you again?

Watch the video below…

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Here’s how to stop YouTube Autoplay on Firefox:

  • Go to the YouTube control center..this is a add-on
  • If you scroll down it says “About this add-on”
  • It says “control autoplay behavior of the YouTube Player”
  • Just click “download now” or “add to Firefox”
  • You can check the location of your add-ons by going up to tools, click add-ons you’ll see I’ve got the YouTube control center disabled
  • Click “enable”
  • Then go to “options”
  • There are a number of options that you may want to check or uncheck
  • For instance uncheck “autoplays video when player loads” so the video doesn’t play when the player loads
  • Uncheck “Autobuffer video even if player is not playing”
  • Uncheck “Skip advertisements in the player”
  • Check the video
  • You’ll have to manually start the video
  • Let’s see what happens when the video gets to the end
  • As you can see in the video it doesn’t autoplay at the end even though the autoplay is checked.
  • So if you’re using Firefox you can use this plugin for all of your videos.

Here’s how to stop YouTube autoplay on Chrome:

  • If you’re using the Chrome browser enter “stop autoplay for YouTube chrome extension
  • Click “search”
  • Click on the first listing and just click “add to chrome”
  • It says it “eases your YouTube experience. Stops autoplay. Starts the video when you’re ready for it.”
  • If you prefer not to install any extensions then watch this video to learn how to stop YouTube autoplay on YouTube itself.

Now you know how to stop YouTube autoplay on Firefox or Chrome

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