Google AdWords – How to Choose an Affiliate Product to Promote

Do you realize you can start making money the first day using a combination of Google AdWords and an Affiliate Product?

How to choose an affiliate product to promote with Google AdWords

The 2 most popular affiliate networks are ClickBank and Commission Junction. They offer affiliates 10s of 1000s of products to sell with commissions as high as 75%.

Click Bank Marketplace

Search for products by category, subcategory, keywords, product type, popularity and language. If you have deep pockets select a popular product but be prepared to bid high to get the top ad position because you’ll have a lot of competitors. You can see how many competitors you have by inserting your main keyword in the Google search box and see how many ads are displayed. If there are several pages of ads (ie 20-100) you can be sure it’s very competitive. If there are less than 8 it means there are only a few competitors.

It’s better to select a product that has few competing ads to have a greater chance of making a profit before going over your budget purchasing clicks.

Don’t stray away from new clickbank products. You might just find a profitable product before everyone else decides to promote it.

Once you’ve selected your product, it’s time to set-up a Google AdWords Campaign.

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