Online Business Ideas – Affiliate Progams

One of the major problems of starting an online business is knowing where to start. There are many ways to make money online but you need to pick idea then go with it all the way till it makes money. Once it is profitable you can expand or duplicate it. For example when I started my web design business I focused exclusively on designing web sites. Later I added web hosting and search engine optimization services. I also created several ebooks to generate some passive income.

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7 Online Business Ideas

1. Affiliate Programs

I mentioned this one first because it is the easiest online business to start. You make money by selling someone elses products. You make a commission everytime you sell something. The parent company processes all the payments, tracks the sales then sends you a commission for each sale. Often they also provide banners, emails, even a web site to help you make sales. It’s in their best interest to make you a great affiliate because they make money when you make money.

Find companies that offer large commissions, and will track clients for multiple sales over a long period of time (ie lifetime) so you can get recurring commissions. Make sure they offer multiple tiers (at least 2) for sales. ie you still get paid if one of your affiliates makes a sale.

Oe of the best examples is the 5 Pillar Affiliate Program from Ken Envoy.

He offers a number of great products with high commissions with excellent sales materials and content to help you presell his products.

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