Article Marketing – 3 Highly Effective Ways to Generate Article Ideas

Do you sometimes have difficulty finding a topic to write about?

You feel the pressure to write fresh content to feed your blog, article directories and social media sites to attract an ongoing flow of visitors but you’re stuck for ideas.

Here are 3 great resources to generate article topics:

1. Visit ezinearticles dot com

Select a topic you are interested in then enter that keyword in the ezine articles search box. Click on the first (or any article) that appears then scroll down to the bottom.

Below the article appears 15 Other Recent Articles on the same topic.
Below this appears 15 Most Viewed Articles on the same topic.
Below this appears 15 Most Viewed Articles on the same topic.

Reading several of these articles will help generate new ideas for your own content. Make sure you don’t copy any of their content. Instead rely on your own unique writing style.

2. Blogs and Forums

Enter blogs + keyword or forums + keyword in the Google search box to find blogs and forums related to your field of interest.

People visit online forums to ask questions or leave comments about their specific topic. Join in the conversation by answering questions or adding a valuable comment.

3. Google Alerts

Google Alerts sends automatic email updates of the latest Google results related to your topic.

For example if you select “Article Marketing” as your topic you’ll receive the most recent news from web sites and blogs about article marketing. This helps you to keep tabs on what’s happening plus it helps generate new content to write about.

You can create a Google Alerts account at:

If you ever get stuck for a topic to write about just start writing and ideas will begin to flow. This is how this article was created.

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