How to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Sales Page Part 2

Use different colors to attract attention for the text. e.g. the main headline could be bright blue and the main text black if using a white background. Testimonial text could be light blue on a yellow background to contrast it from the rest of the page. Bold your main keyword phrases to make them stand out.

Ebook cover image
A nice looking ebook cover (or ecover) adds class to your sales page. Get it professionally designed or do it yourself if you have a graphical editor. I use fireworks for all my graphics work because it was developed exclusively for creating and editing web graphics.

Here’s a fireworks tutorial to create a 3D box that can be modified to produce an ebook cover.

Other graphical elements to consider
Use small graphical elements to enhance the appearance of your sales pages.

Icons in lists – create a red check icon for bulleted points as shown on this sales page:

Author image – use a portrait photo for the author of the ebook

Order button– create a prominent order button with “order now” (or something similar) displayed across it.

Signature file – write your signature on a piece of blank paper then scan it into your graphics software.
Save it in the image folder of your web site then place it on your web page. Upload the image folder and web page to the server and you’ll see your signature graphic displayed.

Avoid the use of tables by using CSS and XHTML instead. You’ll use less code, the page will load faster and you’ll have greater flexibility with the design. Make sure you validate your code before your sales page goes live.

Read Sales Pages With Style – Create Quality Sales Pages With CSS

Fast Loading
A slow loading page will cause your visitors to leave. Your page should load within 10 seconds on a 56K modem. Visit the web page analyzer to check the load time.

Make sure your links are a different color than the main text and change color when clicked. Make your links easily recognizable by using a different color and underlining them.

-The design elements should blend together well so that your sales page is easy to read, and fast loading.

-Try not to place links on the page that lead elsewhere because you’ll lose visitors. This may decrease your conversion rates.
You want to keep your visitors on the sales page without being distracted.

-If you use links within your sales copy make sure you code them so the link will open in a new window but remain on the sales page when the linked page is closed.

-Don’t place links at the top of your page. Place them at the bottom so your visitor will read all your content first before clicking elsewhere.

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