Make Money With Your Blog – How to Create a Report

My last article discussed how to begin creating your report by simply writing short posts on your blog each day about a topic you’re passionate about.

How do you compile all the blog posts you’ve written and create the actual

1. Use to compile your report

OpenOffice software is free and easy to use. With one click it converts your document to a PDF file that is ready to upload to your server. It enables you to create a table of contents, headlines, subheadlines, hyperlinks, bullets and add images.

2. Add content

First create an attractive title for your report followed by your table of contents. Copy and paste each article (post) from your blog into OpenOffice. Use sub titles and bullet points to split up the content on your page. It makes it much easier to read.

3. Edit your content

After adding all the content created from your blog posts edit it for correct spelling and grammar so you produce a professional document.

4. Convert DOC to PDF

Use the PDF icon in OpenOffice to convert the document to a PDF file.

5. Create an ecover or banner

An attractive ecover graphic will help sell your report. It not only draws the reader’s attention to your report but enhances the value of your content.

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6. Create a sales page

The sales page is crucial to converting readers into buyers. It must keep the readers attention throughout the copy to the order button.

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7. Upload the ecover and PDF file to the server

Once you’ve uploaded all the ebook files to the server check to make sure everything works.

8. Link your posts to your product page.

You can promote your new ebook or report on your blog:

  • Create new blog posts related to the content in the ebook.
  • Create a strong call to action at the end of each blog post with a link to the sales page of your ebook.
  • Offer to write guest articles on other popular blogs that link to your ebook.

9. Add a link (image) to the blog sidebar.

If you’ve been adding content to your blog consistently for several years you’ll probably have hundreds of content pages. Place an attractive banner in the sidebar of your blog that links to your sales page. The banner will appear on every page of your blog thus providing extra exposure for your ebook.

10. Write more related content

You can increase traffic to your ebook by adding video and audio content related to your ebook. Videos can be submitted to video sharing sites. Consider creating podcasts also. These can be marketed on iTunes.

Besides marketing your report or ebook with your blog, there are hundreds of other strategies to market your product.

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101 Highly Effective Strategies
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