How to Make a Simple Video

Why is video marketing so popular these days?
How can you quickly and easily make a simple video?
How can you use videos to drive traffic to your website?

Why is video marketing so popular these days?

Most people grow up watching television or playing video games. Some people prefer to watch and listen rather than read text on a computer screen. In order to market to a wider audience. You need to utilize multiple methods of getting your message across. This.

How to quickly and easily make a simple video

Here’s a simple video I created in Windows Movie Maker by importing one photo, a music clip and writing some headlines. It took less than one hour.

1. Ready your camera

Use a digital camera or a video camera to create your movie. You probably already have a digital camera with video capabilities. At the very least, you can also use your cell phone to shoot a short video. You don’t have to use an expensive video camera to create movies for marketing your business. Your movies don’t have to be super professional to attract an audience.

2. Create the movie

There are several ways to create a movie for your business:

  • Talking head: this is where you create a video of yourself giving a presentation.
  • Screen capture: use screen capture technology such as Camtasia to record your computer screen. You simply goes through the steps on how to do something then record it with the screen capture software.
  • Slide show: create a Power Point sideshow with Microsoft Power Point, or if you don’t have that software use Once the sideshow is finished use Camtasia to record your slides.
  • Windows Movie Maker: This software exists on your computer. To create a simple video, simply import one photo, a music clip and create text outlining your content (see the example video above).

Save the movie in any one of these formats: WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4. The most common format is a Windows media file WMV. Save a copy of the original movie clip to your computer in case you wish to edit it later.

3. Upload to YouTube

You Tube is owned by Google and is not only the most popular video sharing website on the net but also gets the most traffic. Log in to your YouTube account, click the upload button, browse to the video you stored on your computer and upload it. It will take from a few minutes to several hours for your video to appear on the net.

4. Optimize the video for the search engines

Videos often appear in the search engines above other popular websites. To increase the chances of your video appearing in the search engine’s. You must optimize it with keywords that people are searching for. Therefore, after uploading your video edit the title and descriptions by including your main keywords. Write a title attracts the attention of your visitors plus include one or 2 of your main keywords andyour full website address. Your website address will appear as a live link in your video title. Write a description that encapsulates the essence of your video and include your main in it. Name your file using the title of your video e.g.

5. Share the video

The more places your video appears the more traffic you will generate. Create a free account at to distribute it to multiple video sharing websites at the same time. Include the video on your website or blog. Write a one or 2 paragraphs to describe the contents of your video. Include your main keywords in these paragraphs. Do the same for the blog post title, links and tags.

The key to marketing your business online using videos is to do it frequently and consistently. For example make a plan to create, upload and market a simple video at least once a week.

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