Free Flash Image Rotator Spices Up Your Web Site

Most ecommerce web pages are filled with lots of product images so visitors need to scroll through them to select the one they wish to purchase. One highly effective way to display multiple images on a page is with a free flash image rotator (slide show). It spices up the web page and increases interactivity.

To see it in action check out this Chocolate Truffles Web Site.

Benefits of the flash image rotator

  • Catches the attention of visitors
  • Enables rotation of multiple images
  • Create single or multiple slide transition effects ie fade, bgfade, blocks, bubbles, circles, flash, fluids, lines or slowfade.
  • Control speed of transitions
  • Automatically repeat playback of all images
  • Playback images in random order
  • Display a navigation bar to navigate images
  • Assign an MP3 to use for background music
  • Able to jump to a web page when clicking on the display result
  • Adjust height and width of the rotator

Download, Installation, Configuration

You can download the JW Image Rotator 3.17 at:

Instead of sticking with static product images try the free flash image rotator. It will liven up your web pages with some very cool effects.

Need help installing, configuring the flash image rotator for your web site?
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