Article Writing – Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online With Your Content

top 10 ways to make money online writing articles
If you’re already writing content for your blog or web site, consider adding an additional income stream by writing articles for profit. This can be achieved without too much effort and also improve your writing skills.

Top 10 Ways to make money online writing articles

1. Report or ebook

Take the articles you’ve already written (or modify them) and weave them together to create short reports or an ebook. A report need only be 10-15 pages long. If you have 15 related articles you already have enough to sell your report. Sell it for $7-$10.00.

An ebook is more substantial than a report and will sell for more. For instance a 100 page ebook could sell for $47.00 or more. To make it easier to create your ebook split the content into chapters. Use the articles you’ve already written for chapter content.

2. Ecourse

Create a series of email messages from your articles then load them into an autoresponder. Schedule each message ot be sent every few days. Within each message promote your own product or an affiliate product. By constantly reminding your visitor about the product in your follow-up messages you have a greater potential to make a sale.

3. Webinar

Take the articles you’ve already written and record them by reading into your recorder. Play the audio for your webinar or even sell it as a product. Charge visitors to attend your webinar or if you offer it for free channel direct them to your products.

4. Video

Create a video of your article by reading it on camera or making a slide show. Use the videos for upselling a report or ebook or even as a stand alone product.

5. AdSense

These are Google ads placed within your web site content. When someone clicks on them you make a few cents. If your web site or blog has 100s of pages containing adsense ads your earnings will increase dramatically. The beauty of this system is that it’s free and easy to set up and enables you to earn a passive income.

6. Ghostwriter

Web site owners constantly need unique content to attract visitors. A ghostwriter writes the article for you without receiving recognition for it apart from making money. For instance you could charge $300.00 for a well researched, well written article.

7. Newsletter

A newsletter is a great vehicle for making long term and short term money.

Short term
A the end of each article in your newsletter promote your products. Alternatively offer advertisers paid ads in your newsletter as long as they relate to your content.

Long term
Your newsletter builds long term relationships with your subscribers. People usually buy from people they know and trust. This provides an opportunity to sell your products and services to your subscribers over and over again as long as they remain subscribed.

8. Website promotion

Constantly adding new articles to your web site increases your traffic. For instance an article optimized for the search engines may gain a first page ranking. Most folks only visit the first page to get the information they seek. If the web page containing your article maintains it’s high rankings, you’ll generate ongoing sales.

9. Content writing web sites

Sites such as ehow and associatedcontent will pay you to write articles for them. The amount of money you make depends on the quantity and quality of the articles.

10. Web based ads

If your web site or blog contains many high ranked articles or gets 1000s of visitors every day you’ll probably get offers from advertisers to place an ad or link on your web site. They will pay you for the traffic their ad receives.

Alternatively you can sign up for services that will pay you to place their ads on your site. It’s a great way to earn a passive income without doing anything except inserting the ad and collecting your money.
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