Mobile Web Design – Top 7 Reasons to Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

The need to have a mobile friendly web design is increasing every day as more people purchase smart phones capable of surfing the web. If your current website doesn’t display correctly on a mobile phone you’re missing out on a lot of visitors and sales.

Not convinced?

The Growth of Mobile: Stats and figures that will shock you!

Here’s a few stats to think about:

  • Over 70% of the worlds population now have a mobile phone
  • In the USA 9 in 10 people have a mobile phone
  • 85% of kids own a phone
  • Apple has sold almost 60 million iPhones world wide
  • Google’s Android OS is growing at 886% year on year and is activating over 160,000 devices a day, across 60 devices in over 40 countries.
  • Android will overtake Apple as the leading smart phone OS in 2011.

Top 7 Reasons to Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

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