How to Save Form Data to a Database – Create MYSQL database

How to create your mySQL database

Make sure you have already created a mySQL database within cpanel on your web host (preferably Linux) and make a note of your database details. They will be needed later on.

1. After uploading all your files to the server generated from phpformgenerator insert the address of the installation file ie (this is assuming you have named the folder “forms”

2. A box will pop-up asking you to enter your database details ie
hostname: usually you enter localhost
user: enter user name for database
password: enter password used to create the database
database: enter database name

3.Click continue.

Your database should now be created. Test it by entering information in the form then submitting it. You data will be sent to you by email (if you checked email when creating the form) and also appear in a table (if you checked/named a table when creating the form).

How to view the data in your database

1. Login to your cpanel with user name and password
2. Click on the mySQL databases icon
3. Click on phpmyadmin (bottom of page)
4. Click the database shown on the left side of the page
5. Click “export” You will have the option to save your data as a PDF, Excel etc
6. Check excel as it displays your data in easy to read columns.

Note: You can also sort your data by clicking “Query” It can be listed in ascending or descending order.


Now you have no excuse to quickly and easily create forms and store the data in a database without learning html or php/mysql programming.

Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
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