Keyword Research Tools for Finding Profitable Keywords

If you don’t target the right keywords when setting up Google AdWords campaigns you won’t achieve a high click through rate or get many conversions. The keywords found from your research should be tightly woven into your ads and landing pages. The key to finding profitable keywords is to build a large list using the tools mentioned below, then select non-competitive keywords that contain a high search volume.

Keyword Research Tools for Finding Profitable Keywords

Google AdWords Tool

Most AdWords advertisers use this tool however not many will spend time to sifting out alternative keywords with high search volume their competitors are not using. To check what keywords are being used for Google Ads, simply insert your keyword in Google. If you find a keyword with a high search volume with no ads running you may have a winner…only testing will confirm this.

Misspelled keywords

The Google AdWords tool also allows you to find misspelled keywords. Make sure there is a sufficient search volume before using them otherwise you won’t receive many clicks. Your competitors don’t often include misspelled keywords in their campaigns.


This online tool helps you find keyword ideas you may not find with the Google AdWords tool.


Use this online tool to generate up to 100 related keywords and an estimate of their daily search volume. You’ll discover keywords not found with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool or other keyword research software.


Use amazon to find items related to what you are selling. You’ll often discover keywords you can incorporate into your campaigns.

Ebay Pulse

This tool provides a daily snapshot of current trends, hot picks, and cool stuff on eBay. It helps you find what products are currently selling well.

Google Trends

This tool reflects what keywords people are searching for on a daily basis and shows trends based on regions, cities and languages.

Online Encyclopedias

Online encyclopedias like Britannica and Wikipedia are trusted by readers and provide a valuable resource for finding profitable keywords.

Google Cash Detective

Google Cash Detective Software Review

This tool enables you to quickly discover keywords top advertisers are using to run profitable AdWords campaigns. You see all the keywords they are bidding on, how long the ads have been running and and what ads and landing pages they are using.

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Finding unique ways to research keywords for your AdWords campaigns helps you avoid using the same keywords as your competitors. Since your way is not as common as the normal way of finding keywords, chances are you’ll have fewer competitors which will assure a better chance of getting more clicks and making more sales.

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