Make Money With Your Blog – Types of Products to Market

My last article discussed the pros and cons of marketing your own products with a blog. The problem is…what types of products are the easiest and fastest to create? Once you’ve made this decision it’s easier to take action and make money with your blog.

Types of products to market with your blog

  • Software
  • Ebooks
  • Reports
  • Hard Goods


People are always looking for software that will save them time and money. For example Article Architect is the best software for writing, organizing and submitting your articles.

It’s easier to market software other people have developed (become their affiliate) because it is not something you can easily create yourself unless you’re a software developer. However if you have a unique idea hire a software developer from script lance or similar locations on the Net.

Ebooks and Reports

These are the easiest products to create and market because you just need to write articles about your area of expertise then compile them into a booklet.

An ebook will take a longer time to write but you can sell it for more than a report. Put together a report of 20-30 pages and sell it for a small profit (ie $7-$10) or give it away for free (viral marketing).

The beauty of marketing ebooks/reports is visitors can just download the electronic publications automatically after making their online payment. It’s a hands free system that can be marketed from your blog.

Hard Goods

These products include items such as shoes, tools, gifts, etc…anything which are not soft goods (ie ebooks, software, etc)

Hard goods are usually sold online by setting up an ecommerce store. In this case it would be better to place the blog in a separate folder of your ecommerce site, then create lots of content that relates to products you are selling. This will help place your visitors in a buying mood and make it easier for them to purchase your goods.

The internet provides the opportunity to sell almost anything online. The key to making a profit is to find a specific niche that is not too competitive then sell them what they need or desire.

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